Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brimfield #2

Cape Cod Vintage Jewelry
Just so I wouldn't lose her card I took a picture of it. There is so much more then jewelry as you will see. All the next photos are from her booth except for the last 5. 

Like I said in the last post my day at Brimfield was not long enough. Most of these photos were taken by the end of the day. I had spent most of it in the Central Park, Hertan and then a little in J & J fields. You can view the fields HERE . I remembered late that I  always like to visit Sturtevant's, Crystal Brook and Shelton fields. So with a less then an hour left I did some hoofing. Ok along the way I bought a couple of things.....but remember I was still holding out that the patio furniture would still be there. I was lucky and it was still there when I was going back to my car... yeah! I had my big camera with me the whole time but never even took it out. I used my phone for all these photos......I never thought I'd say this but I love my iphone.  Are you getting the new iphone 5? 

I promise I will show you my goodies whenever I get time to photograph them. It's a gorgeous Fall day,  after yesterday being windy and then finally lots of rain .......I'm so happy the season is favorite so need to get me some while it lasts.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brimfield 2012

Time passes by quickly when you're at the Brimfield Antique Show.
The weather was a 100 times better this fall then last ( remember all the rain and flooding?) It's hard work being a vendor let alone having to deal with bad weather. 
Luckily it turned out to be a sunny day....maybe a little hot for some.
I wore white to be first
Hubby reminded me that it was after Labor day and you're not suppose to where white:) when did he become such a fashion expert? so I wore a gray shirt over all the white. 

Anyways here is some of the cool stuff I saw.

I saw that iron table and chairs almost right away and knew that I had to go by it when I went back to my car at the end of the day. I figured if it was still there it was meant to be. 

I spent a great amount of time at Dusty's booth with all the linens. On the other side of the walkway she has a great selection of ribbons,fabrics and trims.  I know I should have taken more photos.
I was too busy shopping.

I will be back to show you more when my computer is on it's best behavior.  

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Real Estate Dreams

 This morning I was cleaning up junk mail when I ran across a home and garden flyer from this Spring. I rarely look at the real estate ads but one looked different then the rest.
I thought ok for 2.5 mil I have to check this one out.

I love the openness and volume of this space. The furniture is not my taste but you're suppose to ignore that right?
what do you think of the dark beams? would you be tempted to paint them?
 Oh that stone wall and cluster of birch trees. 

( there is no longer a link to this home. I was asked to remove it)

This was one that is in Old Saybrook on Main street. I've always admired this house. It's a bit more reasonable at 1/5 the price of the other. A completely different style and more my liking.

 It would show so much better if it was furnished but I like the chandelier. 
We're not in the market for a house.
It would make such a great shop though.
  I told George that the thing I don't like is the kitchen and the baseboard heat.
He said what difference does it make....?
we're not buying it.
Party pooper!
but he's right I have enough to do....
what am I thinking? 
do you think I should check it out? just maybe look in the windows?
no one lives there, I think?

I believe this home is still for sale but I was asked to remove the link to it.