Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brimfield #3


Like I said before you never know who you’ll see at Brimfield.
This cutie’s name is Fifi and her owners name is Yvonne
whose booth is called Shabby Fifi.
I’m sorry to say I took no photos of her booth because I thought I would get back there.
She had a few of chippy white wooden railings that I should have bought.
Just couldn’t decide which size I wanted.
The day just flew by too fast.
Ok and I forgot:)

another happy shopper!!!
Wish I could have been driven around in a stroller….
my feet were black by the end of the day from walking in the mud.
Should have worn my wellies.


Just so you don’t think all I did was talk to the doggies.
I did meet Claire…that’s her on the right.
Hi Claire!
She’s a self proclaimed lurker follower!
We discussed our favorite blogs and had a great time chatting.
( that’s not me next to her btw)
     She is in one of my favorite tents sharing it with a few gals.
         Debra of Capers of a Vintage Vixen turned me on to this tent.
         Always a fun eclectic mix of vintage furniture, clothing, ephemera and haberdashery.
                  doll dresses

card tree



Brimfield _57 sept 2011


metal cabinet

The vendor said this was a baby crib.
I’m not sure?….seems it wouldn’t be baby friendly.



great color

stained gl

but I still like just the clear glass on stained glass.
Or should that be called non stained glass?
stained glass

Love me some rust.

            Picked up a few balusters.



Well I hope you enjoyed the Brimfield Antique show from my perspective.
It was a tough go for the vendors here this Fall with some fields unable to
open due to the rain….flooding actually.
I was there on the first good day.
and this was a very little puddle compared to some.
Brimfield _101 sept 2011
Big Puddle

( May Field )
Hope next Spring the weather is better for both sellers  and buyers.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pretties at Brimfield

Brimfield brings out all sorts of people.
I always think if I had more time and wasn’t so focused on all the great “stuff”
I could make a day of just photographing people.

I did stop and ask these lovely ladies if I could take their picture

They giggled but
were happy to oblige.



Shopping in style
girls 2

Check out their boots!


(Notice the cute kitty fabric and pin)

Using vintage fabrics this booth carried some wonderful handmade baby clothes.
We chatted for awhile. I was going to take her card but this was her last show.
She was retiring and going to enjoy traveling and taking it easy.

She did convince me that I need to go to Montreal.
The Europe of North America.
The last time I went I was a child visiting with my parents.
We stayed with friends and by the end of the trip I was speaking French with a Canadian accent
without even realizing it.

I digress.


This would have been so pretty with a simple skirting sewn along the edge.

I thought of it but I have so many unfinished projects as it is.

little coat
Using various hankies.

wall decor

This was a booth with all shabby chic accessories and furniture. 


couch 2

photo file

In the vain of all these candy colors is this photo file.
I loved the look of this but wasn’t sure I wanted to just store photos in it and
you couldn't remove them.


I loved this mantel but it really wasn’t a color I could use…..nor do I need a mantel  but I wanted it anyways.
I kept looking at it trying to figure out how I could use it,
but I never bought it.
Do you find yourself draw to thing that are not really your style?
or your colors?

Now this ribbon was almost the same color as the mantel.
Loved the way it was displayed.
That’s what made me notice them….
and of course that problem that I just mentioned

more green

box of ribbon

red ribbon

and then I saw the red ones.
At first I dismissed the thought of buying these.
They were red and I never buy red.
Ok not never…..but not for myself….but I do for the shop.

Right, I could buy it the Christmas shop.

ribbon tree

So I bought a few yards.
I have an idea of how I will use it.

We’ll see what happens.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Remember when I told you that I was going to Brimfield the next day  (Thursday)?
ok maybe you don’t. Well when I woke up at 5am it was raining like crazy.
So I watched the weather channel and it was not looking good.
I kept thinking maybe in Massachusetts it’s not so bad….
ok it’s only an hour and a half away so how different could it be?
I decided to go back to bed.
Not a hard decision……I like sleeping.
By 9 am the weather cleared up and the sun was shining….not a cloud in the sky.
I thought I had made a terrible mistake.
No so…..
It turns out many of the fields were flooded out
and the May field that always opens on Thursday
couldn’t even open……..and that never happens.
Well Friday was a gorgeous day with the sun finally coming out around midmorning.

This  booth was shared by a few different ladies
all with amazing taste right up my alley. This booth filled up fast. I did a quick spin around and while I went around the corner
to go ask a price on a cool zinc container on this shelf it was already scooped up.
That happens to me a lot.
But I consoled myself with other things: )


I used to grow myrtle topiaries. Now I just grow them for myself.


grain sacks

shell buttons
This booth had some great letters and if I had thought of it
I could have cleverly written out something.
Love this metal cabinet.
Seeing it again now…. I should have gotten it
but when it’s still early in the day you just don’t know what’s around the corner.
maybe a U
I did get a great set of brown transferware from here that I’ll show you later.
George asked me why I needed more.
I didn’t have that pattern.

more buttons

The button and ribbon lady that I showed you in the last post wasn’t there this time but
the ladies that have all those vintage tablecloths had her space and her regular one too.
Brimfield _80 sept 2011
This time she brought her buttons and ribbon to the show.
I looked at these for a long time and then realized that I have a ton of similar ones that
I bought at an estate sale a couple of years ago that I need to organize and change out the matting.
I keep meaning to show you. Maybe you can help me decide how I
should display them.
 Brimfield _70 sept 2011.
It was so hard to resist not buying more.
I did though get some great ribbon
in a color I hardly ever buy
Can you guess what color?

Joining up today for White Wednesday
Will be back with more of Brimfield on my next post.