Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas in Black and White

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!!!
During that time the elves have been busy and Mr and Mrs Klaus have been putting the last touches on the decorations in the anticipation of your arrival.

Christmas in Black and White.....nothing quite captures the nostalgic mood in the same way.

Please go visit Anne Marie at NaDa Farm Life for more Black and White inspirations.
Sorry such a short post.
Mr Claus is tired and needs to go home!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Just wanted to show you what I read the other day from an email.
The first proclamation by our first president George Washington

General George Washington and his soldiers were struggling and starving at Valley Forge during a harsh winter.....bleeding, shirtless and shoeless. One day he announced there would be a day of Thanks Giving and he told his troubled troops that on that day, there would be no work, nor fighting.....a day of quiet and gratitude.

A young boy wrote to his family on the morn that he didn't know what to be grateful for. There was nothing but hate and hardship in his world. He followed with a promise to pray and to spend his day giving his Thanks Giving to God.

That very evening, he finished his letter with the statement that it had been the best day of his life, and that he and his comrades were revitalized and at peace. He didn't see a physical change at Valley Forge but he somehow knew the fighting would be over soon.

It wasn't long after that Benjamin Franklin over in Paris (on assignment to rally the French to help us to be free of British rule) ....(sorry UK friends:))) heard tell of this curious day of Thanks Giving. When the French got wind of this, they immediately deduces that no one would have such a celebration if unless they were winning. So, wanting to be on the side of victory they sent soldiers and charged in to finish off the war. The Redcoats waved the white flag and we became America .......the Beautiful.

I hope you all have a wonderful day to be with your family and friends....and even if you can't be with them take time to reflect on your life and be grateful for what you do have. I am so lucky to have great friends that are willing to put up with our erratic schedule. It may be months, sometimes years before we get together but know that you are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I am truly blessed.

This year I have been so lucky to have gotten to know you all too. I have laughed and cried over the stories you share. You can't imagine how much it has meant to if only I could get my husband to understand:))) but I'm still working on him. He knows you guys better then our own neighbors....boy that doesn't sound good!!! He does listen patiently as a rattle on and on.....kinda like Wilson from Cast Aways.....that's a line I'm stealing from my friend ZuZu from a Cottage in the Woods.... her husbands kind of the same way at times. I think you might all be able to relate to that one?

I want to thank you also lately for the sweet comments. I haven't been able to respond as I'd like but be sure that as soon as I get some time I'll be over dazzling you with my wit:)) haha! I wish!

I want to share a lovely Thanksgiving card that I received from one of my dearest friends Adrienne. You may remember me mentioning her HERE.

Thanksgiving Parisienne style!

It's from an original painting that she did. How did I get so lucky to have such sweet and talented friends? She sents me one for every holiday. Can't wait to see the Christmas one I get!!!!

Lucky girl!!! indeed

see you all soon I hope!



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bird Watching and Bella

My life lately has been all about Christmas decorations, boxes, bubble wrap, tissue, invoices and outdoor cleanup. Decorating a shop for the holidays has it's ups and downs. One minute I'm excited about how a display is turning out the next I'm frustrated that I can't lay my hands on something I just saw 5 seconds ago. The list could go on and on but rather then complain I'd rather take you and me to something completely different.
I've been cooped up inside for the last couple of days and nights. It was wonderful to see some pictures that I took last Friday. I was unloading my pictures today mixed in with images from the shop. There's still plenty of time to show you those later.
These are some wild parakeets that have been making their home near the pond. George had noticed them a few months ago. They make a huge racket like....well parakeets do I guess but with about 25 of them you can imagine the noise they make. It's really not that bad just very different then the melodic sounds we usually hear.

I don't have a telephoto lense so there not very clear.
:(Maybe Santa will bring me one. I've been extra good this year!

I even climbed on the roof of our shed but by the time I got there they had flown away. I was able to catch glimpes of their amazing yellow color on their wings but alas you can't see them from these pictures. You believe me right?

They say that they've been causing problems with the nests that they build on the powerlines and that the electric company has to remove them. Not sure how it causes a problem. We haven't seen any nest around ourselves.
There's been talk of shooting the birds by the electric company.
Not if I have anything to say about it!!!

The last of the maple leaves still hanging on. I love the golden yellow at the very end of the pretty against the blue sky.
Having the leaves hold on so long sometimes makes fall clean up difficult because just as we are trying to get ready for Christmas the last of the leaves haven't fallen. The next spring a million little maples saplings will pop up everywhere. Anyone with Maple trees in their yards knows exactly what I'm talking about.
But I guess it's all worth it when you see these trees this time of year.
Our Christmas trees had just arrived that morning and it was raining and lighting. It made for a messy delivery but by late morning it had cleared and the sun was shining again helping to dry our wet clothes. It felt good to do some real work. My favorite kind!

Ok, little subject change! This is our new addition to our ever growing cat family. This is Bella! She's a stray that has just made herself right at home along with our 9 others (7 of ours and 2 other strays) Plus Nigella at home.....11. Sorry!:))
She's enjoyed getting to know every inch of the shop and office. Evident by the cobwebs and debris on her face. .

I'm surprised she didn't have a bit of glitter on her too!

"No need to get fancy with plates I'll just eat it right out of the can thank you!"

Hope she likes her new home?

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as usual. It finally hit me that time was closing in and there was still so much to do. When will I ever learn??? Looks like our tradition of spending Thanksgiving at work will continue. No biggy! We'll just have a tofurky sandwich and be good to go!!! Opening day is this Friday.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

White Wednesday

White Wednesday is here at last and I'm finally able to post some pictures. Just as I started to load them up that dreaded message "your images failed to load" came up on the screen in what felt like a million times. I got almost used to seeing the message after awhile. I went to the help section and all you read there are bloggers telling you how frustrated they are and how they can't believe that there isn't anyone they can talk to but other bloggers. We've all heard of it happening to our blog friends .......I just figured it was my time:)

So I went back to work and then on a water 10th(note to self: don't eat chinese food for lunch)

Decided to try again.....I closed my eyes(really) and mustered up all the good heebie geebie jib I could and opened my eyes again and those wonderful words I longed to see "DONE" was right there in front of me!!!!

The angels came to my rescue!!!!!!

Blowing their trumpets loud!!!!

And the birds went "tweet"!

Oops another image of that same snowflake!!!! I guess I really wanted you to see it!

Little church on a box

Some of my favorite snowmen are those from Dee Foust....all roly poly and covered in mica.

...with sweet little baby faces

More birds but these are floating above!

Last night I was coming home and Stevie Knicks....White Winged Dove came on the radio. I've only heard it about a hundred times....but you know when sometimes it seems like your hearing it for the first time. It was late at night around 11:30 and I'm driving down the road not a soul anywhere. I'm feeling pretty good and energized. I had the music blaring and as I'm pulling into the driveway the song is still playing. I'm thinking .....I wonder if he can here the music outside and if it's waking him up....but of course I'm not turning it down. I remind myself I'd better turn it down after the song ends.....I forget all the time and he'll go start the car and the music comes on full blast....boy do I catch hell for that!!!! Anyways, I thought ....when was the last time I saw a white winged dove??? you don't just see them flying around anywhere:)

Suddenly something flutters across the windshield. WOW it's my white dove!!!How cool is that!

Then I realize it's not even close ....more like a bat....what else flies around in the middle of the night???

It was so unexpected whatever it was just at the perfect time. The night was crisp, the sky was clear and you could see all the constellations last night and it felt a little magical.

I just had to tell you that!!! just took me back there for a moment seeing the birds !!

Hope you all go see more of the wonderful participants of White Wednesday at Faded Charm with our hostess Kathleen.

I'm sure many of them are sharing there Christmas decorations....every ones so antsy to get started if only a little.

It'll be here before you know it!
which reminds me I have to get back to decorating!!!!



Friday, November 13, 2009


It's raining today. I did this post weeks ago on a "sunny day" but have been waiting for it to rain...I know ...why would I do that?

There is just something about a quiet rainy day that I just love.

George too!

[flickr topher76]

[ emiguez65 ]

I find myself thinking of the movie "Great Expectations" many times when it rains.

Please view one of my favorite romantic rain scenes below!!!

Do you think the scene would be as powerful on a

Sunny day???

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ok kinda weird White Wednesday!

This week with having to get so much done getting ready for Christmas I thought I would skip White Wednesday. It wasn't until I was looking for a website on my favorites list that I came across a site I hadn't looked at in months. Waiter Rant! I don't even remember how I originally found it but from the moment I read it I was hooked. It's a pretty famous blog but he started off like the rest of us just writing about his life working in a restaurant in NYC. Granted he didn't hold back...nothing is sacred. I'd worked in the restaurant business for years and my parents had been in the business. You don't need to have worked in a restaurant to enjoy it just being a patron is all it takes to open your eyes to the goings on in this world.
I came upon a post where I couldn't believe my eyes!!!
Hey.... and look it's WHITE

Read the story here!

and then go and visit the folks at Kathleen's at Faded Charm that did what they were suppose to do and show you beautiful white interiors.
Forgive me!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Martha!

Since the day I joined Martha Stewart website to get updates by emails you can imagine the amount of "Marthaisms" I've been receiving. Most of them now I just delete. Not enough time to create these days....I feel inadequate enough... Thank You very much!!!
But when I saw a picture of a bittersweet wreath my interest was peaked. I know how Martha has been a big proponent of using what we all have in our yards....well if we all had sprawling acreage like hers infamous for its bounty.
She once lived in famous Westport Ct. (Turkey Hill) only an hour or so away from here. There isn't a person alive in Connecticut that doesn't have an opinion about her....many people I know have rubbed elbows with at one time or another either work related or personally.
I for one love her.....I'm not obsessed with her by any means but I admire her and think she's been given a bad rap.
Ok all that said.....I could go on but what my point was that I was intrigued by this little craft project knowing what I know.

There's my lovely Martha welcoming us to her beautiful home with her


I really didn't look at the instructions that were laid out in great detail. Yes Martha I know how to make a wreath! not bragging or anything. Oh,,, have I mentioned how time consuming it can be....UGH! One like this that you have to make the bundles up separately and then wind on a form.

There was a time years ago when we first moved into our house that I would look for bittersweet to make wreaths for our home.
We live in the woods!!!....where was all the bittersweet I thought????
I used to have to get my bittersweet in my father-in-laws corn field growing along the edges of the field into the trees. I would to get G to help me gather it up. What a tangled mess!!! I would take it home and work out in the yard and throw the rest of it the woods. I used to think "Gee wouldn't it be nice if I could have it growing in our yard and I could just pick it from here every year.
Little did I know back then!!!
This is what I read on the comment area on Martha bittersweet wreath tutorial

From a botanist
[Users should be aware that oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus ) is considered an invasive species in many areas of the NE and other locations. CT has it on its invasive species list and encourages people to remove it from trees where it is a climber and topples trees. Readers should ask about the species that is being sold to them. There is common bittersweet that is acceptable. I would expect Martha to be more responsible and mention this in her craft of the day outline.]
Well I guess Martha did NOT do a
but Martha I still love you....hopefully you've made adjustments to your site.
I have known that bittersweet is on the invasive plant list and have also learned it the hard way.
If you want to use bittersweet then buy it from your florist or use some of the other berries that should be in good supply or .......
artificial.....did I say that???? I mean Permanent Botanicals!
So please don't use the japanese bittersweet that is probably growing in your woods. You'll be sorry when you hang it on your door and for the next few years be trying to yank it out of your front yard.
Have you been battling an invasive plant??? I'd love to know.
Ok I'm off to cut more plants back to get them ready for their long Winter nap!!! maybe I'll join them!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall in Black and White!!!!

It's so easy to see nature in all it's glorious colors........but try to see it in another form...
in Black and White!

at night!!!!

during the day.....

In the mellow patina of aging unprotected pine on an old shed. Nature taking it's course.

Unoccupied birdhouse and the last breath of flora before the winter takes it away.

The silhouette of the branches are more prominent when you are not distracted by it's usual fiery hues.

Sun on the trees and warmth on my hair

and on the fallen leaves in an old rusted birdbath.

Try to enjoy the last days of Fall til we get to the next season....
my favorite of all!
Have a great Sunday!

See more participants at Anne Marie's

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween.... again???

Are you sick of Halloween pictures yet??? I know!!!
Just a few more pictures to tie you over til next year. This was me getting ready for a little get together. Same costume as last year but this time without the mask I had painted last year. Boy was it hard to eat or drink with that mask!!!!
but I think there was no risk of me starving:)

I went as a puppet and hubby was supposed to be the puppet master. He never dressed up this year....what a party pooper! Just as well I'm the one who has to fix his make-up every year. The man can not put eyeshadow on!!! :) Well ...maybe that's a good thing! This was the mask I wore last year so I tried copying it. I bought some liquid eyeliner to do the thinner lines. I assumed it would be easy to find liquid eye liner......but I learned the hard way it isn't. Took 3 stores to find some.

The night was perfect for trick or treaters. Warm and the rain held off til midnight. By the time we got there they had run out of candy and had to turn out the lights. Too bad.... my favorite
 part is seeing the kids in their costumes.
Last year we sat on the stoop passing out the treats and I think we even went to a few houses trick or treating.....
I never want to grow up!!!!!

Just a few views of Ginny's new kitchen that was completed last year. It looks so much bigger now with no extra sq. footage added except the ceilings been raised and a new huge palladium window installed. It was great before with it's charming unfitted cabinets. Every time you'd go to visit it would look different. Joe, her husband would sell it at his auction and then replace with something different. Wouldn't you just love that???
You can't do that with fixed cabinets but they got tired of the old drawers that were hard to know how that goes!

Their house is dated 1785 or around there built by a sea captain. It's dimly lit but they like it that way....more like the way they would have lived in the 18th c.

There house is furnished in primitive and classic Early American style and lends itself well to decorations for Halloween and the Fall season.

A few scary monsters around the house that night!

Some of her collection of Christine Crocker dolls
She keeps these out most of the year except at Christmas time.

In December 08 issue of Somerset Magazine Christine was featured with some of her dolls. A wonderful story about her growing up on a farm and learning to sew and make things for herself with what ever they had around the house.

You may remember seeing this cloche in the article about Christine in Romantic Home in the same month. A old paper candy container. The soldered pendant is made by her friend Cathy Penton. Another one of my favorite blogs to visit and I know many of yours. Wouldn't it be the perfect gift presented that way?

Well I guess that's about all the scary things you'll see til next year ( threw in the last couple just for balance).

I still haven't put all my Halloween decorations away.
Maybe orange,black and white will be my new Christmas colors this year...