Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Strawberry Hollow Farm is a landmark of Guilford Ct.
A must see if you are in the mood for an old fashioned
experience and perfect for this time of year.

The building is heated the old fashioned way with a wood stove which keeps it’s customers toasty warm.
The farmers SIL who now runs the gift shop
said at times it’s so warm the doors are left open to let the heat out.
back barn
Another building where the pumpkins are stored.

pumpkins in wagon

more pumpkins in wag 

We try to make it over every year. We came almost 3 weeks ago
which is why you still see the leaves on  the trees and they are


He told us this was the most photographed sign of all.

But this was his favorite.
He used to have it displayed right by the field but he decided that
some of the folks would take offense to it so he removed it.
Some people have no sense of humor!!!!

Turned out that it was also stolen a few times too.

in the field
To get to the field you have to walk down a long steep driveway
but the view from above is like a postcard.

wagon wheel

barn with mums

more big pumpkins

The mammoth pumpkins are usually sold in advanced
so he stores them away so as not to entice other customers.
He was kind enough to show them to us anyways.

big ones
I’d be proud of these too.

big boys
The difficult part is keeping the squirrels from eating
them so he leaves a few
outside that they’ve already started to nibble on
so they don’t try eating all of them.

on shelf

barn sale

Tomorrow we will finally carve our pumpkin before
going to a Halloween Party.
Have you gotten your pumpkin yet???
or going to a Party????

Happy Halloween!
Strawberry Hollow Farm is a true landmark in
Guilford Connecticut.  Located on Boston Post rd it’s so popular that they have to hire traffic cops
 to keep the traffic flowing on the weekends.
It’s small building is charming and filled with
decorations for the season.
Right after Halloween the store transforms into a Christmas shop full of charming country decorations typical of
New England.

Monday, October 25, 2010

THE VILLAGE @ The Florence Griswold Museum

A couple of weeks ago we stopped over at the Florence Griswold Museum.
You know….. the one with that cool Bramble structure in my previous post.
The creativity on the grounds of the museum doesn’t end there.
Various local artists were asked to make a scarecrow of their choice
in the spirit of Halloween and the Fall season.

This first one is a scarecrow that I first saw at Jen’s Wedding which was
held at the Museum. These pictures are from that day…..didn’t think showing you
these on the same time as the wedding pics was the right time.
Green man (as I call him) had to be with his own kind.
I think you’ll see why.

The Museum is an impressionist art museum so this
pumpkin man is the perfect homage to the artists
past and present.
more greenman
I took at lot of pictures of Green man.
I thought he was amazing but at the time I hadn’t seen all the other
ones all over the property.

Found it interesting that they only had a picture
of a bottle of wine??
but if you think about it …it makes sense.
apple hue

green man long shot
What artist wouldn’t want to paint this view?

crow maker
Each exhibitor was numbered by a wooden crow and pumpkin marker.
Now I should mention again that we
were here just as they were closing so I never did get a pamphlet of
who’s work was who’s.
I also think you needed to go inside and buy a ticket.
…….we didn't do that either?
artist 2
This one you could say was the crazy psychedelic man.
Reminds me of Elton John in his younger years. 
The glasses are so Elton.

lady scare
The head on this Lady seemed made from wood but seeing it now
it could have been made from a gooseneck gourd or it could
be one option.
more lady scare

big tree
The views of the Lieutenant  River.

Huck Finn enjoying a nice nap with his dog.

huck close up
If they hadn’t been closing I think I would have
joined him for a few ZZZZZ's

metal man
Now this structure speaks to the JUNKERS in us.
The wheels seem still attached to the body then a board is centered in the middle.
The head from some machinery part.
close up metal man



The inspiration is from the famous
artist Salvatore Dali ~ Scream

lady in bed
Ok a few more scary people….well not people!
at night in the dark they are…

Zombies!!!!! haha
Come on it’s Halloween!

the village 3
This scarecrow was more the type you’d see in
a front yard and more do-able for most of us .

the village.jpg 2

I can’t look at this guy without thinking of  the movie
The Village from M.A. Shyamalan
Do you remember that movie???
One of my favorites and a must see with a great ending.
If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to say more and ruin it for you.
If you did see I’d love to hear what you thought of it.  

The Village

the village
Ok only a few more!!!!
This is a long post…..lots of pictures so I’ll keep the chit chat down to a minimum.

pumpkin man

pumpkin man.jpg2

pumpkins orange

Jenn's wedding_667


The garden area had it’s own inhabitants.
plasic straw guy
A few time I caught myself thinking these were real people.
The plastic straws coming out of this gentleman hands should
have tipped me off.
No cell phone for this fella.
LOVE the pocket watches hanging under his umbrella.


A better view of the garden. It was still green then but we've now come close to freezing a few
nights so it's probably more yellow now but the
leaves on the trees must be magnificent.
Maybe tomorrow around lunchtime I might
swing by to check the foliage

moss figure



Monkshood or aconitum....a underused plant.
and a must if you have vole problems....the whole plant is
poisonous.....and most importantly the roots which is what they eat.
 it's BLUE and depending on the variety flowers in the Fall.
2 trees

Speaking of Blue check out this sky!

stick men

Stickmen that greet you at one of the entrances.
stick man

One of those things I always think I'd like to try
making until I realize it's not as
easy as it looks to find the right size wood.

foot painter


Not sure why I'm ending with this painter painting with
his feet........just thought it was cute.

Blogger is telling me that my "post is not saved due to form error"
so I guess that means I'm done and have to publish!!!
I hope!!! would hate to lose the whole thing.

Thanks for lasting thru this long post with too many pictures.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I
enjoyed sharing it with you.

Pretty soon I feel a blog break coming.
Still so much to do and not enough time to do it in.
You know..... blah blah poor me!!!