Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Embellishments~ can't live without them!

A most anticipated package arrived the other day. My ribbon!!!! Well one of many, but this was a new company that just started this year by two sisters. From the moment I saw their booth at the gift show this winter I was smitten. The booth was packed with people. Even buyers that didn't even buy ribbon for their stores were stopping to admire the rolls of ribbons so beautifully displayed. I planned on just taking this box home to get it priced and checked off the invoice and then pack it away til Christmas, but once I opened it

I just had to play. There wasn't just big oversized spools there was beautiful beaded trim too like I'd never seen thru other ribbon companies.

I'm still not quite really sure what I'm going to do with them all but I just couldn't resist. If I only had time to create all the things I'd like. But do any of us ever do that. We do what time allows us and dream the rest.....
This one was rather wide and at first I thought it would really make a great scarf except it's 15 ft long and wired on the edges. It does makes a HUGE bow.
I still have 5 mos. to come up with something..... fabulous!!! How many days until Christmas??? I really do have Christmasy looking ribbon but I wasn't ready to play with those colors yet....we only just got thru Spring!!!

Well I couldn't do anything without Nigella wanting to get right smack in the middle of it. But I'm sure I'm not the only one with a cat that does that. It doesn't do any good to push her away. 10 times!!!! she's going to get her way. I thought I might as well have her model the rhinestone pins. Doesn't she look so annoyed........ but pretty!!!!
"except I really do like this fabric....I could really get my nails into this stuff."
"This makes a perfect head rest"
Wait...... the fashion shows not over......
we're now going to model our new crown that we won from Rosemary of Roses Petite Maison. Look it fits you perfectly. If you love crowns as much as I do then check out Rosemary's blog....she is the Crown Queen and has then for any occasion.

Well Nigella it's official you are now my "little Princess". I'm lucky you're such a good sport and allow me to dress you up.

What would a girl do without her embellishment!!!!

Thank you Rosemary for the sweet crown that Nigella loves too!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black &White Sunday

Saturday Night!!!!!!!!!!!

Black and White Sunday
hosted by Anne Marie of
Na Da Farm Life
Happy Sunday!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beauty on the side of the road

Imagine yourself one day riding on the train. Just riding through the woods....enjoying nature and all it's surroundings

.....and then you come upon this burst of color. It appears to have been just planted there by nature.....seeds scattered in the wind perhaps...
and then on closer inspection you realize that.... someone has intentionally planted this spot by the railroad tracks

just for the people who stop at the crossing and the passengers on the train.

What was once a patch of weeds is now a site to behold and puts a smile on our face.
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Tour #5

The architecture of the homes and garden is also what intrigued us on this tour. This town is full of old Victorian homes. I'd lived in Ivoryton back in my 20's in a little house I rented along Fall River.

The detail in this staircase were indicative of this era

I enjoyed walking along the road and getting a better look at the homes along Main Street. There are so many big trees that hide these old homes that you can't really see them as you drive by.

So happy they didn't painted this old wrought iron fence. we are!!!

Wild Ginger......not aptly named because it doesn't grow wild at least not in Ct. and grows rather slowly til it's happy and then it fills in. This is the beginning of the walkway to the backyard
and the adirondack style cabin by the Fall River....decorated very simple. Laura and I couldn't help but think how wonderful her collections would look here.
It was so quiet and peaceful back here I almost felt like I could have taken a nap on the lawn. I'm sure Laura would have joined me.
Years ago the dam above the river broke and flooded out the houses along here. The houses here recovered but the ones that were right near the dam were completely distroyed. It was strange to see that area all changed from what I remember as a child.

The house I rented so long ago had a paddle boat that went with the house but I never took the time to use it....I guess I was always too busy....I always regretted that.

Mountain Laurel - proud to say our state flower

There's Laura's wonderful new bag. From a company called Vagabond Vintage which I ordered some products from this year. Very cool .....very Jeanne D' Arc Living- ish.

By the way don't you just love this kitchen and that STOVE....OMG I love it but you need a maid or a chef in your house to clean it. I know my parents owned restaurants when I was growing up.

Here we are again.
This begonia was just too gorgeous. It almost doesn't look real.

I'm the one that looks like "Cousin It" in the picture. In my defense I'm trying to grow my bangs out. I'm not sure why???? it get in my eyes. I guess that's why I wear a hat 90% of the time :))

This will be the last post of the our tour together.....hope you all enjoyed it. It was fun showing you this beautiful part of Connecticut.
Thanks to all the kind and generous people who opened their homes to us.
See you again soon,