Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Girls

On July 15th Felicia and Clio were born.

They are the light of their mothers and fathers lives.

They nurture them....

Hold them....

Amuse them with toys

and flying objects....
take pictures with them....

and funny pictures of them...
Oh and the most important part!!!!
How many Mommy's do we have???

It's past our bedtime!


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passing through there any flower more beautiful???? This one of course you may recognize as the King of Hydrangeas.....I just made that name up. It's not what they really call it. It's called Paniculata Grandiflora or Pee Gee for short. It can grow to 12 ft high but that doesn't happen overnight. If you're lucky and you inherited one in your yard that is really big and you probably make enormous bouquets to bring inside.
Lucky you!!!
Can you believe
there was a time when hydrangeas went out of fashion and people stopped wanting them???? After the turn of the century.....I guess they were tired of Victorian looking gardens.
This one is called Ayesha which was a wonderful surprise. I was told it looked like lilac blossoms but they we're even more lovely then I imagined.

Phlox Sherbet Cocktail which I know looks like a mini version of the hydrangea above.
It has shades of pink, green,white and lavender on one blossom.

I planted it in someones garden last year.

This year when I saw it in full blossom it was magificent. I almost couldn't believe it was the same plant we were growing in pots.
By the time I went back to take a picture of it....the flowers of the phlox had gone by.

This butterfly was enjoying it's moment in the sun and the sweetness of this phlox....

And it too

would eventually go by.
Just passing through.
Thank you for all your lovely comments of our fleamarket trip.
I thought to break it up with a few bits of flowers would be a welcomed change. I know everyone is already thinking Fall, but it's still feels like Summer to me. It seems to be the trend. Rush Spring, Rush Fall, Rush Christmas!!! It's usually a marketing thing but even on BLOGs I've seen it.
Just try to enjoy the moment!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well Loved

Along the way coming back from our first day of shopping at Madison Bouckville we came upon what seemed like on old abandoned barn. On the outside were piles and piles of old spindles, doors and shutters.

The subtle beauty of these utilitarian pieces as they lay among the weeds and the debris from the road.
Part of someones home was once
loved and cherished.

Too bad they weren't there to sell them.
I think I might have fancied a few.

Along side the barn was a lovely field of Queen Anne's Lace and other wildflowers.
Such a lovely weed Queen Anne's of the prettiest I think.
This is Laura's picture....
her taking a picture of me.....
taking a picture of....


The next day this was some of the other "well love pieces" we found
The old alligatoring we love so much that to my knowledge can't be replicated the same way we do with other faux finishes. Do you ever wonder if folks back 200 years ago liked that look or did they just want new and pristine????
They would probably have laughed at us liking these old pieces.
Well, I know a few people
that think that now. Different styles for different people.....or one man's trash is another man's treasure.....Thank Goodness right????

I like this was pricey if I remember.
It would look much better if I had moved the wooden candlestick in the middle. Cute little swans on the outside edge.

Never a shortage of little girls white cotton dresses at the fleamarket. Most of them were probably used as undergarments or nighties. How did they ever wear so many layers of clothing back then? No wonder they passed out all the time.....
too many clothes....

and bonnets. That would have kept the sun off their faces at least.
I still wish we could dress that way at times. Just not in 95 degree weather mind you. Details and laces that we rarely see anymore. The art of tatting nearly gone.
Now our clothes are mostly made overseas.
Such a shame.

But now we can at least appreciate what work
went into these pieces and love them all the more.
What's your favorite fashion piece
from years ago????
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Kathleen at Faded Charm and all the other
lovely participants in

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Tin Man Cometh

The Tin Man and his Misses are what greeted you at the entrance of this eclectic booth. I can just picture them on a bench in a garden. The wheel in the back is especially nice with all the scrolly detail. Not sure how it was used....seems too ornate to have been used as a wheel.
One of my favorite things to look for is metal and wire pieces so that's what this post is all about
at Madison-Bouckville in Upstate New York.
This was a dealer that specialized in all things metal and wire. Laura pointed this booth out to me to go check out while she rested in the shade with Deanna for a bit.

Isn't this one gorgeous....what I assume is a flower frog but it could have just been an ornate piece off something else.

Repurposed art ......LOVE that!!!

A little wire cage....that I should have bought now that I'm seeing it again.

He did have some really old and unique pieces.
These 2 plates being some of best ones....well that I liked.

This was a tin holder that I would guess is an ice cream cone holder. Some of you antique dealers would probably recognize it as something else. Care to take a guess????
Wouldn't it be fun to use at a kids Birthday Party???

An old tin colander.

Metal curtain tiebacks. I'd use them for something else. The glass roses are what makes these unique.

Another metal lantern piece that you could use inside or out. I wonder where a piece that big originally came from. A big old estate perhaps?

Cool metal sphere for the garden.

Ah and here we are....the place where Paula feel in love with Matilda. It wasn't til after I took this picture that she came back to buy her. I haven't seen it set up at her house yet but knowing Paula she's dressed her perfectly with all the right accoutrement!!!

And here's my waltzing Matilda......head first in the basket. I need to find a name for her. Any ideas???
Deanna bought her for me knowing I'd been looking for one. Someone else was thinking of buying her so she had to act fast. The price was good so I was thrilled. I plan on staining the fabric brown or I may recover her with fabric.
The wire bird cage was a steal at $25.....I thought.

More metal goodies that Paula scored on. The metal bins were part of a set that Laura and her split up.
That's what's fun about shopping with friends. You can have someone else looking out for what you're hunting for and when you find it you can share it!!!
What could be better then that???
Still have more pics from the show so let me know if you still want to see more. A White Wednesday post is still ahead so that'll be next.
I haven't even shown you all the treasures/junk that I bought. I almost forgot.
Well there's still time.
Boy I think it's been awhile since I've shown any flowers....well that's what happens in late August. We get apathetic about what we were so excited for just a few months ago.
I do have a nursery open house to go to this Wednesday so maybe then I'll WOW you with flora and fauna.
....til then