Sunday, August 9, 2009

Black and White Sunday!

Things come and.....



Change and movement

happen all

around us.
We are blessed........

to be....

........a part
of it!

Embrace it!!!

Make it a good day!!!

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Black and White Sundays


Les Cotrions said...

Faboulous black and white post!
Have a great Sunday!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

What gorgeous photos you have my dear! hehe
Beautiful Carole. And such a lovely theme, your words are very true! I have to say I am not always that good with change. But I am working on it.

PS I did not post B&W this week as I had something else I needed to post today ... Awards... and then are 2 there for you my wonderful friend!!
xx Julie

Crinoline said...

Dear Carole. How nice to hear from you and I hope you are well. The photos are gorgeous. Have a nice Sunday.

Anne Marie said...

so true.......they come and go too fast don't they? i too will try to cherish this day - this moment- it won't ever happen again -

wonderfu pictures Carole and thank you~

erin's art and gardens said...

we are blessed...and i for one totally embrace and look forward to change. i live for change (kinda drives my hubby a bit crazy). beautiful photos! love the torn edges. love the simple, stunning beauty of these shots, especially the wings of the dragonfly! wowza, the pattern and fragility is amazing and how friendly he was to be held! have a scrumptious sunday!!! erin

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Beautiful photos, Carole. I especially like the seagulls, remind me of spending foggy days at the beach with my dad when I was a kid. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

Mitt hvite hus said...

Wow so beautiful balck and white pictures... And the right... Have a lovely sunday and a new week... Hugs Kerstin

Magdalena said...

your photos are incredible...i love your black and white sunday!
Thank you for visiting Color Sepia, and for your kind comment.
Best wishes
Magdalena at Color Sepia

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

What a cool post it! Its been so hot here today,just awful...45 with the humidex..YUK!! Have a good week,Chrissy

Unknown said...

Hi Carole! Your black and white photos are beautiful. I should be so talented with my camera! I am BEYOND flipping out. It's kind of a "hold my breath and hope everything goes all right" type of thing. You never know.....

Catherine said...

Loving you're black/white capture's Carol~Beautiful!! The wagon wheel & dragon fly~my fav's~fantastic!
Such a fun idea b/w Sunday!!
Wishing you a beautiful week!