Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passing through there any flower more beautiful???? This one of course you may recognize as the King of Hydrangeas.....I just made that name up. It's not what they really call it. It's called Paniculata Grandiflora or Pee Gee for short. It can grow to 12 ft high but that doesn't happen overnight. If you're lucky and you inherited one in your yard that is really big and you probably make enormous bouquets to bring inside.
Lucky you!!!
Can you believe
there was a time when hydrangeas went out of fashion and people stopped wanting them???? After the turn of the century.....I guess they were tired of Victorian looking gardens.
This one is called Ayesha which was a wonderful surprise. I was told it looked like lilac blossoms but they we're even more lovely then I imagined.

Phlox Sherbet Cocktail which I know looks like a mini version of the hydrangea above.
It has shades of pink, green,white and lavender on one blossom.

I planted it in someones garden last year.

This year when I saw it in full blossom it was magificent. I almost couldn't believe it was the same plant we were growing in pots.
By the time I went back to take a picture of it....the flowers of the phlox had gone by.

This butterfly was enjoying it's moment in the sun and the sweetness of this phlox....

And it too

would eventually go by.
Just passing through.
Thank you for all your lovely comments of our fleamarket trip.
I thought to break it up with a few bits of flowers would be a welcomed change. I know everyone is already thinking Fall, but it's still feels like Summer to me. It seems to be the trend. Rush Spring, Rush Fall, Rush Christmas!!! It's usually a marketing thing but even on BLOGs I've seen it.
Just try to enjoy the moment!!!!


Chemin des Muguets said...


Thank you for this gift of beauty. Your flower offerings remind me of my own hydrangeas which I had to leave behind at the family camp in the Finger Lakes.


June said...

Hi Carole,
One of my faves for sure. I think hydrangeas are the most amazing beauties.
Your white Wednesday post was so beautiful. I couldn't get enough of it. That top in the last couple of pictures was so pretty. Wish it were mine.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

the hydrangea is one of my favourite flowers too.
Only just the other day I planted 4 new plants on a bank, where I think they will do well.
I love it how they dry so well and look great in baskets.

enjoy your weekend

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wonderful photographs Carole! I love that little butterfly just passing through....Your variety of hydrangeas...thanks for the lesson....don't know which is my favorite! Hope you have a great to feed the troops at the lake!
Take care, Laura :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Gorgeous gorgeous photos.. I love them all, but the butterfly certainly gives them that special feel. Well just for you... I won't rush into fall [autumn]. In fact... just for you.. I think I will do spring next... then summer.. then christmas... the australian way!! haha
Have Fun xx Julie

Magdalena said... know that I love hydrangeas...beautiful post, moments of contamplation...
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

What a lovely garden. I will be sharing your post with my youngest son. He is a butterfly maniac. We have cocoons from and are patiently awaitng the metamorphasis. Have a great weekend.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

Such wonderful flowers Hydrangeas, I love them. My Belgian Grandmother's garden was full of them. I really like the one that looks like lilac. I am going to see if I can find one to put in our back garden. I am hoping that the climbing hydrangea will do well against the wall of our house. We were not successful with the wysteria!
Yake care
Isabelle x

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carole,you made another wonderful post, as always! I love the hydrangeas and the little butterfly! Is beautiful for me come back from the holidays and see your sweet posts again!!!
Have a nice day

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well, you know how much I love hydrangeas, don't you Carole.I love every variety and every colour and I love them when they go that limey green colour....and the butterfly photograph is a triumph...I tried to take a butterfly on a flower when we were in Italy and, just as I went to take the photo, the butterfly fluttered away !!!! I'll put it up in my next Italy post and you will see what I mean !!!!!
Beautiful post with wonderful photographs. XXXX

BellaRosa said...

Oh Carole, what beautiful flowers, my garden was sooo untended this year with all that was going on that my flowers were almost non-existant, seeing these gorgeous pictures made me does that Pee-Gee grow in the West Coast and do you ship :) Rose

Les Cotrions said...

Oh Carole your hydrangeas are stunning|
It's still Summer here too!
Wish you a nice week end!

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Carole --
Love hydrangeas, phlox and other old fashioned flowers ... and we are seeing a LOT here on vacay. Makes me want to move from Whoville to a REAL HOUSE again ....
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!
Betty :)

BellaRosa said...

Carole thank you for that comment :) I can only say this in my defence and I'm quoting my daughter who when she was 2 and cut her hair and tried hiding it in plain sight on the stairway used this in her defense...I figure it worked for her lol "I couldn't help it...I couldn't control my brain" and there you have it :) Rose

erin's art and gardens said...

carole, love, love hydrangeas!! my faves are annabelles (the best for drying) and limelight(for that gorgeous color!). great shots of the butterfly, i know they are hard to shoot! all the best! erin

MJ Ornaments said...

Oh I love hydrangeas Carole, one of my favorite flowers by far. The blossoms on these are so tiny and the colors gorgeous.
Take care,

aimee said...

i love them, but i can't keep them alive. i love the delicate flowers and pretty colors. maybe ill try again. any tips on potting soil for them?

Luiza said...

Thank you , for the sweet comment on my blog,it really went straight to my heart.
I´m honored, and you are more than welcome back to visit.

So we both "know" Jackie. And I agree, she is fabulous.I just love her blog.

I´m a bit jelous of your butterfly photos. They are fantastic... I´ve been trying to catch a moment, but with no success=(.

You are right about summer, it still feels like it, some days. So lets keep it for a little while longer.
Have a nice weekend. I´ll be back.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I agree, they are the MOST beautiful!

Diane Costanza Studio said...

gourgeous. They are my favorite flower, especially in blue.