Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, I hadn't intended on posting til George asked me to
go see the full moon tonight.
What's up with that?
I guess the romance is out the window this time of year!
That's ok it gave me a chance to attempt to photograph it.
Of course it looked nothing like these colors.
A little creative license.
I love seeing the greenhouses at night.
Like big glowing ...well whatevers????
I won't even tell you what George calls them:))

I wish I could take pictures of the moon like my friend Julie.
She never misses an opportunity to show us the full moon and her love of it.
La bella luna as she likes to call it.
I can't look at the moon now without think of her
.... and the movie


Well seems like I can't do a post without including a cat or two.
You've met Shaggy before. He's getting ready to take a little nap on one
of the numerous piles of row cover we seem to have to use during the spring.
It's going to get close to freezing tonight and tomorrow.

You may have noticed this in the background. I bought this on our trip to
Madison Bouckville with the girls last Fall.
and no I still haven't figured out what to really do with it.

Seems like it must have been electrified once but it'll have to go to a lamp guy to be done safely.

I sort of like just the way it is but maybe you have an idea?

Normally I wouldn't show you this sort of image with ugly boxes in the background but hey it's
"reality" and my sweet baby girl Brianna is in the picture.
She now is our oldest kitty. She's looks so sad in this picture.
We've been having problems getting her to eat and have
to sit with her twice a day to get her to eat anything.

The vet had to remove some teeth but her gums still bother her.
She's getting better so we're hopeful she'll be back to normal soon.

ok too sad...
need to change the subject!

the other reality is
yes... planting lots of cuttings.
That's getting better too
and we're almost done!


Look at the roots on these guys! I think they really need planting!
Ok got to get back to work.

More to do!

One more thing.
Thank you for the kind comments in the
last month. I've been slow in getting back
to visit everyone.
You are always in my thoughts and in my heart!

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another beautiful day

Just wanted to say hi again.....sorry I've been absent in the blog world.
I've been in the weeds so to speak.
George took my camera the other day to get a picture of Charlotte.
Gee, you'd think she was our only cat the way we go on about her.
Really I don't think our other kitties mind:))
So since the camera was out I took a minute to get a few shots.
Ok maybe more then a minute:))

Heuchera "Paris"
as close to Paris as I'll be seeing for awhile.

Heuchera is one of my favorite perennials. I have a tendency to want to order a ton
of them but for most customers they're not showy enough. Not enough "big fat flowers" like I call it.
Not that I don't like those either but you need to break it up, add textures and
even some great foliage plants just to make it interesting.

Now there's one of those biggens!

You can't help but notice this color.

One of the figs plants we saved over in the greenhouse. New variety that we hadn't had before.
Will have to see if it's as good as Black Jack or Brown turkey.
I can't remember the name now?

Miss Charlotte thinking it's cool to lay on my plugs.
Don't worry I moved her.
Look at that face....
it's like she's saying
" what? I can be here"

This is her being more angelic.
This is the one that George rushed in to get the camera for.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring ever changing

Just a quick note to say hi and to tell you how much I have missed all of you.
It's been over a week since my last post.
Easter day actually.
It seems so long ago and so much has happened.

These pictures are from that day. It was later in the afternoon by the time I

got around to remembering to take a picture of our weeping cherry.

The sun was just going down and the light had a certain soft grayish glow that the

camera picked up but my eyes did not.

Funny how that happens.

By the end of the week the blossoms were just a memory.
The heat we had,
though an unexpected delight did
shorten the life span of the flowers.
Happy I had taken the time to capture them in their prime.

Now my time at home and any spar time is also not what it was....

but the trade off is that I get to witness the birth of Spring and all that comes with it.
I am so lucky to work outside and get to see it ever changing.
Though I may not be able to go far these days.
A simple trip to the post office is an adventure! haha
I'm content to just staying put!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
I hope yours was as wonderful as ours!
The weather couldn't have been any nicer.
We had stayed open til 2 in the afternoon but mostly to get our
usual routine done.
We had planned on having a picnic by the beach but then decided we'd go home,
whip up a few batches of bread and have a late lunch.
Much nicer then yesterday
when we never had any lunch due to being so busy.

I took my camera with me just in case.
This rock reminded us of a frog hut .....but for a gigantic frog.
I had never noticed it before. I wish we had raked this area out in the fall's where we have a huge patch of myrtle that's just starting to bloom.
I don't dare disturb it now and knock all the flower buds off.

While George got started making lunch Nigella and I worked in the garden.

Pulling onion grass.... tons of it.
and catching this hairy bittercress ( cardamine hirsuta) before the seeds spread everywhere.
It's also known as the "Greenhouse weed".
Gosh.. no wonder I have it everywhere.
If you'd like, you can read more about it HERE and how to get rid of it.

One of my other kitties

Nigella getting some well deserved sunbathing in.
Poor girl she's been cooped up in the house all winter and now that we're working all
the time she never gets so enjoy the nice weather,

It was such a treat to be home in the middle of the afternoon in what felt like a
summer day.
Felt oddly unfamilar but wonderful.

I think Nigella enjoyed having us home.

I never wanted to come in even to have lunch.
I hope you all had a wonderful time on Easter and that the weather was as nice where
you are as it was in New England.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The winner is!

Well, the giveaway announcement day has arrived and gone.
I was all set to reveal the winner on Wednesday night when in the early afternoon my Internet connection went on the blink.
After what felt like a million
times of clicking off my modem to reboot it but with no satisfaction I decided to
call AT&T. After a long time on the phone it seemed it
was a problem that would involve maintenance to come out to check the lines.
They scheduled it for Saturday.
I thought..... WHAT Saturday!!!!
I can't wait til Saturday.
The memory of me in the
public library last January was coming back to me.
Ugghh I don't have time for that now!
But what choice did I have?
I told George they were scheduled to come out between 8am-8pm
(no time commitment there) haha!
Which cracked him up too...not really.
He said he'd take a look at it though I insisted I did everything I could already.
Seeing as AT &T
will charge you as soon as they step one foot
inside the premises I thought it can't hurt.
I went back to work.
A half hour later he tells me
I had Intranet again...(that's what he calls it).
For someone who never gets on the darn thing
except to check the weather or to watch a movie trailer
he's an ace trouble shooter.
Darn him!
I was happy.... just kidding.
Are you still with me??
I had this idea that I would enlist the help of one of my cats.
I had gotten the names and numbers all filled out the night before. I
wanted to sprinkling the pieces of well folded paper over one of
them and the one that landed on their head would be the winner.
Bella was the one I decided to use...but she was already in the loft sleeping.
Didn't seem fair to wake her just for my amusement.
So I used Charlotte instead. She seemed willing but wanted me to pick her up
and cuddle more then play my silly game.
I invisioned scattering the papers like confetti with one single paper landing on her head like a light feather....instead they just plopped on her back.
Less graceful then I pictured it in my head:))
I think I was holding back not really wanting to make a mess!

Then plan b was to have her put her paw on the winner.

This wasn't exactly very scientific.
I just picked the one closest to her paw.
At this point she was totally disinterested.
Just like a cat.

Ta Da!!!
Number 207
what.... you need a name?
It's kind of a funny story, Zuzu and I have been following each other for awhile now,
but she just recently joined as a I guess it paid off this time to wait to follow:))
She has a wonderful blog.
I know we all say that, but it's really true. She lives in the mountains of Colorado... in well
A cottage in The WOODS! hence the name.
Her and her husband built there home and they lead a simple but full life
entwined with nature.
Some of the scenery from around her home can bring a tear to my eye
they are so beautiful!
I hope you will go visit and say hi.
Thank you for all your comments and letting me know what you
love about Easter.
I hope you all get to spend it with loved ones or family.
I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!
Thursday night
guess where I am?
That's right at the library. Should have published
this post last night!
Hopeful I'll be online again
sometime on Saturday
between 8am-8pm
sorry for the yucky pictures
not my best work!