Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brimfield never disappoints

Suddenly I felt the urge to finally post pictures of my day at Brimfield back in September. 
Most of them were already loaded so it really only took a few minutes. I was going to watermark them all.  Not sure its worth the time plus these were just taken with my iphone and some I have already shown on Instagram so sorry for repeating them if you follow me. 

Poor fella was all tuckered out. I felt like that by the end of the day too. It's a lot of area to cover but the time goes by fast. I thought I took more pictures of industrial pieces but I really didn't. On the other hand I don't think I spent anytime looking at lace, ribbon, ephemera, jewelry, fabric, buttons or clothing. That is so unusual for me and not easy to break old habits but it was good for me to get out of my comfort zone. I bought those metal bins and a filing cabinet, 2 white pedestal bottoms, an industrial chair,  and gosh I can't even remember now. Oh a cool rusty metal ceiling molding that I still haven't done anything with. Well I guess that's why I only bought one. I thought it would make a great shelf. Now I just need to get George to think it would too....and make it for me. 
    There are plenty of vendors that have great style and a definite look. Many times when you're in one of those booths you could buy one of each. It all calls your name and would fit perfectly anywhere in your home. Then there is that space that you think ......there is nothing here for me.  Then your eye hits that object amongst all the others and everything else falls away.  It's perfect! that's when it gets exciting for me. Like finding that diamond in a box of buttons. Gets my heart pounding.