Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's almost here

       Hey how are you all?
I just wanted to do a post just to let you know that I've been
thinking of  you all.
This week has been a bit hectic and as I'm doing this I'm feeling guilty for
not get more work done.

Holy moly getting ready to reopen on Saturday and I
feel so unprepared but
hey that's nothing new.

Just found out that the grower I've been
buying our pansies from
won't have them ready for sale for another
10 days. Seems all the snow bogged him down
and he planted them 2 weeks later then normal.
( I think it was the price of oil that may have changed his plans)
uggh not enjoying the extra cost either.
Why we changed our growing schedules
 too a few yrs ago.

So even though our cats are getting a lot of rest we
haven't been.
Charlotte is thinking " can't you people get something more
comfy for my head to lay on but these trays?...I tell ya!
the amenities here are not what they used to be.

I'm sure you've all been busy too
cleaning up the yards after the mess of this Winter, 
some spring cleaning, getting your taxes prepared (uggh)  or
maybe just spending time outside enjoying some of the
wonderful weather we had last week.
 I here we're getting a little snow tomorrow...
not much just an inch or so.
 Just enough to remind us that Spring can
be fickle.

This is a hyacinth that never found it's way in the ground
like it was supposed too.

It was from last Spring.

It hung on to the gravel and made it's way anyways.

When I noticed it I quickly
gave it a more premanent place.

I guess that's what we all want.

A place where we can be loved and cared for.

Take care of one another.....
the news these days has made me feel
so fortunate for all I have.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty’s Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a
Happy St Patricks Day

And though I am not Irish
my husband is.

Little Irish Man_04 2011

and really isn’t everyone a little Irish
on this day?

Little Irish Man_07 2011

I  realized that I own no Irish Decorations
except for this little snow globe that plays music.

Little Irish Man_09 2011

We were shopping in the Pink Sleigh( a Christmas shop) near where we live
and he spotted it. I wasn’t as thrilled as he was but
I went back and bought it for him.
He was surprised when he opened the present that Christmas.

Me too……it doesn’t look good anywhere in our house at
Christmas time…..being a snow globe I thought it should be out that time of year.

You know I only just realized it really isn’t meant for Christmas:)

Little Irish Man_10 2011

now I kind of like that little Irishman.

Little Irish Man_12 2011

Little Irish Man_13 2011

Little Irish Man_14 2011

We’ll also be having the usual Corned Beef, cabbage, potatoes and
carrots tonight,
even though I haven’t made it in years.
I don’t like cooking meat but
the Irishman likes eating it on occasion……..
Why should he suffer?

I’ll be eating the veggies
and maybe have a Guinness ( or two)

What do you do on St Patty’s Day?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My new family

                                      One World One Heart
                                        Isn’t that a great concept?
                                       I hate to admit it but I didn’t participate totally ……mainly because I didn’t realize it until it was
                         the day that everyone posted their creations…….and though I dabble in altered art
                              ……I’m not that good 
                                                 nothing like these gals
                                      OWOH is a worldwide blog party that over 800 participated in.
                                    I did though comment on Julia of Vintage with Laces post.
                …..and guess what?  I WON!!!!
                                                I was thrilled when Julia emailed me that my new family was coming to live with me.

                                          Whata ya think of my new family?
                                        No this isn’t really them but I would love me a few sheep.
                                        But for now I’m very content with this gorgeous card.
                                    Love the subtle tones.
                                 Sweet Julia must have remembered how much I love sheep.

                             Julia I love my new family!!!!
                                                   full view
                                             My newly adopted 5 sisters and a cousin.
                                                close up
                                         They are very well behaved and seem to get along well with each other.
                         Whew, that was  a relief.
                             I thought I was going to have to referee during squabbles :)
                    but they are very lady like.
                                     they were of

                          The lace details and small embellishments are so well balanced and keep your
                    eyes moving from one gorgeous piece to another


                                 on tree

                   I found the perfect place to display it… wire wall tree.
Or I guess you could call it my family tree:)
                   The new sisters and cousin are enjoying the living room
                  I think.
                                 on wall
                      This is one of the prettiest collages I have ever seen or
                    been lucky enough to own….I want to enjoy it as much as possible
                so I may move on the wall next to my bed.
                                I had seen many of Julia’s work before but to see it in real life it’s even more magnificent.
                              front tag
               This is the tag she sent too. I’m crazy about this vintage botanical
                             that is made on fabric and lined with delicate lace.
                 and the wonderful hand written note on the back.
                 I just have to show you the way Julia specially wrapped
                  the whole package.
                    She sewed and glued  pieces of lace, fabric and text on the paper that
she wrapped the collage in. Isn’t that clever?
                    Julia also sent me a German home décor catalog called Mirabeau that she knew I would go crazy for.
                        She added some little notes of the things that struck her fancy.
                  It’s an online shop that carries furnishings everything from Kitchens
        to Bedding.
                    I would love this for my studio or my kitchen too.
            I think we need a Mirabeau here in the US.
                     To die for table and stools
                              Dreaming of a bubble bath in this tub
                               Great tablecloth made from scraps of fabrics and lace.
               A great upcycled idea.
              May have to put this one on my to-do list too.
          I think Julia and I could do some damage with this company.
           There was nothing I didn’t like in it.
         It has some great ideas in every decorated rooms
            filled with all the soothing colors of white, grey and cream.
              Julia I can’t describe how much I love everything you sent and
                   how happy you made me.
               This “one” heart is so overjoyed to own something
                    made by your own two hands.
                   THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

      Joining up to White Wednesday with Kathleen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Roses and birdies up in a tree….K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

                                          You probably know this about me by now …
                                     that I love anything to do with birds.

                                      Does that make me a bird brain?
                                            For those of you who know me......refrain from answering that!

                                    I knew when I saw this cute little necklace on my friend
                                Suzan’s new blog A Mare of a Different Color that I had to email her right away
                             that I wanted it.





                                 and maybe another:)
                           The price was right!
                                        Sweet girl that she is threw in 6 of her
                             beautiful felted roses into the box. These have been a big hit since she’s
                              listing them to her blog. Good thing she works fast.
                                Who doesn’t like roses?……and these won’t die after a few days.
                             or need watering…..or feeding.

                                                   close 3
                               They are so soft and wooly and oh so enjoyable to touch.
                                                close 2

                                                 Receiving 2 dozen real roses wouldn’t have been as special as these and
                                    for some reason I can’t stop staring at them.
                                   Did you give them magical powers Z???
                                                      close up

                                                  on tree

                                     A few weeks back Suzan teased that she was thinking of gluing her flowers to the bare trees outside.


                                         That gave me the idea to try it on my wire tree that I keep out all year.
                                          After the holidays I decorate it with little metal pots, nests and lace.
                             It was needing a little pick me up too.
                                                          angel 2

                                                  Now it’s my new OGM( old gray mare) tree.

                                      Thank you Suzan you’ve touch my heart with your kindness and friendship.
                              Now rush over and check out her shop.
                              ……she has roses in an array of colors along with other wonderful
                      handmade goodies.

                   Joining up with Kathleen for White Wednesday
              at Faded Charm

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

White in the garden

               March 1st!!!!
                      I know everyone has been waiting more then any winter in a long time to have Spring arrive.
All that other WHITE stuff
is just getting to be too much for everyone
and so I thought revisiting some
photos of white flowers and garden pieces would be a welcome sight.
                                              hydrangea anna
                                  This is our Annabelle Hydrangea that is in front of the porch on what George and I call the Johnney house.
                                   I won’t bore you with the reason why we call it that.
                         Annabelle is one of the earliest white hydrangea’s to bloom but it also gets that
                         dried look much earlier.
I sometimes think I want to change it since it gets a little floppy.
                                        I just learned there is a new variety of arborescens that won’t flop as much call Incrediball.
                                    Funny name……we’ll have to see if the claim is true and if it’s “incredible”

                                This is a hydrangea on the other side of the porch that has been there for about 20yrs now. I’d like to tell you   
                           I know exactly which one it is but all I can tell you is that it’s either
                                      Summer beauty, Pink Beauty or All Summer Beauty.
See I don’t know everything…
                                              This crazy hydrangea has bloomed every color imaginable in the almost 20yrs it has been here too.
                              This particular year it was almost white with a hint of blue.
                 Some years it’s been pink, blue and white all at the same time.


                                               I remember taking this picture 2 yrs ago at night  after a rain.
                                          Not really a good time to take pictures. Not so much because it’s wet….that never bothers me.
                                      The quality is not there but I just love lily of the valley. So many hate it because it
                                    gets a little out of control. People always tell me I’m welcome to come dig it out of their gardens.
                             I politely decline.


                                           A concrete finial that we’ve had kicking around for some years now. We’ve had the top kicking around
                              just as long. As a matter of fact my friend Paula has seen it on a shelf by my counter
                                    and picked it up curiously wondering what she could do with it.
                                It probably will never get repaired. The finial sits by where the
                  kitties get fed.
                               I’d like to think they like it there and enjoy having something to rub up on….

               Joining up with Kathleen of Faded Charm!!!!