Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Appreciating Every Day

My Gosh it's been ages since my last post, almost 2 weeks.
I knew there would be very little spare time now that the Spring season was here but I never expected that I would be away this long.
I've miss all of you and as busy as I've been I think of you all the time.
Ok I'll admit it
I'm addicted to blogging.
It's been killing me that I've have gone whole days without even getting a peak to visit anyone.
What are you all up to??
and what exciting things have you made,
What wonderful places have you traveled to?
What delicious food have you eaten???
These are pictures I took from some of the first days we
were opened.....seems so long ago.
and sadly we no long have any pansies left so it's nice to at least
get to see them again in pictures.
Love there happy faces!
but the deadheading I could do without:))
and yes the tulips are no long with us either.
...and the sweet smell of the hyacinth are but a faint memory.
Hydrangeas were especially colorful and soon we'll be looking forward to
the other varieties that bloom in the Summer. Have I told you before how much I love Hydrangeas???
Probably one of my top 10 favorites.
Can't really pick the variety I like best.
That's just too hard.
When we've been lucky we've had time to play with the twins.
Haven't they grown like weeds?
and OMG are they funny! and not only do they look
so different but they act so differently.
Clio(Coco) on the left is so serious and
Felicia ( Fifi) though they call her Flea for short:)) is the giggly one.
wonder if she'll like fleamarkets??? haha

Spring is always hectic for the two of us....
About 10 days ago
George injured himself while mowing the tall grass
with the brush mower and hit a piece of 3" inch pipe with it.
It came out and hit him in the leg.
He's ok but it's was pretty scary at first.
I knew something was wrong as soon as he called me
and came running around back to see him hobbling out from the back of the lot
with his pant leg all bleeding thru.
We didn't take the time to even look at the injury but just got in the car
and speed to the clinic.
Luckily he hadn't hit an artery or he would have
bleed out in the car before we got there.
It's been a struggle to get thru the days since then
but we've had extra help and some help from good friends which has been such a blessing.
So many have offered to give us a hand in any way possible.
It been really touching to know that people care.

This will help to explain why I have been away for
all this time too....needing to make sure that I was there and more
focused to his needs.
It's made us appreciate how vulnerable we are and not to take anything for
I hesitated to say anything about it since I don't
often like to bring up ugly news but
since it's turned out to be not as bad as it
could have and he's recovering well, I thought
I'd share it.

He's been having to sit down with his feet elevated for part of the day....
though it should be more like MOST of the day.
He reminded me today that this
does not count as vacation time like I
had when I went on our girls weekend last Fall
at Laura's lakehouse.
I guess after this he deserves more then
a few days away.

I wonder what I could get him???
maybe a spa day??

Whata ya think?


Tanya said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh - I absolutely LOVE this blog - your pictures are always so breathtaking! So sorry to hear about your husband - glad it wasn't worse than it was!

Tami said...

OMGosh Carole what a scary thing to happen, glad he is doing better!! Love the picture of the twins too cute it looks as if the one is telling the other something and the other is like really you are kidding!! Cute!! Love the pics of the flowers too....gorgeous!!

Have a wonderful week!!
Hugs~ Tami

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Such beautiful pictures! I'm glad your husband is alright! ♥


Oh, so glad that George is going to be okay. What a fright! Adore these flower photos and all the happy colors. Wish you peace and quick healing on the homefront! ~ Angela

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Oh Carole, What a fright! I'm glad that George wasn't injured worse. How about a day on a fishing boat for him when he is fully recovered or doesn't he like fishing?
Your pictures are beautiful! I love hydrangeas very much as well, especially in all shades of pink :-). The twins are cute!
Hopefully George will get well soon and you get some more rest, dear friend!
Big hugs,

oldgreymare said...

Hey girlfriend- so glad to see you back.

We've missed you. Take care of yourself and hope George is all better very soon. We'll chat soon.


erin's art and gardens said...

welcome back, sweet Carole! we have missed you! so sorry to hear of georges boo boo. that sounds scary and i understand about that "vulnerable" feeling. in time, and with healing, this will become just a memory. now, let's talk about your "addiction". perhaps you need a twelve step program? bloggers anonymous? he, he. your photos are all the color. isn't it glorious to be surrounded by all those, go wait on your poor hubby.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Carole
Yes.. welcome back!!!
Glad to hear George is on the mend... been worried about you two!! but you are both such hard working kids I'm really glad to hear that your friends have been lending a hand.. just wished I was closer to help also..

So these images are gorgeous.. I love pansies. truly love them.. one of the only flowers we had in our front garden as children.. strangely planted by my father... and the last photo.. sensational....

Take care my friend and take it easy.. and maybe a day spa for George would be great.. and I think for you too!!! xxx julie

Sueann said...

The pansy's are amazing. And I too love hydrangeas. Beautiful photos!!
Glad he is okay and a spa day sounds great. I am sure he would love it...especially if it includes a soak in the hot tub! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Carole...I was so glad to see your post this morning with your terrific tulips and pretty pansies! Hydrangeas are definitely on the top of my fav flower list....too bad they are difficult to grow in Florida.

So, how scarry for you and George! My husband has also injured himself quite badly on lawn equipment....let's just say he's not allowed to sharpen mower blades any longer!

Take care and CYA soon!

It's me said...

I'm glad your husband is alright!..............o my...........beautiful pictures !!

And welcome back !! happy evening ....hugs from em Ria

Faded Charm said...

So good to hear from you. I knew you were probably really busy this time of year, but hope you take sometime out to stop and smell the roses(no pun intended).

Glad to hear your husband wasn't hurt too bad. Just goes to show doing the simplist things you can get hurt. He's lucky to have you to care for him.

Hope the weather's nice for you.

Take care,


Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carole I'm so glad that your husband is alright!!!!!
Such fabulous pictures!!!!
Have a nice day my friend

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Happy to hear your husband is doing much better. I also like the floral pic's. Have a good day in the garden soil...Julian

mary pernula said...

OMG!!! I am glad to hear George is ok, but you are right about taking things for husband got a cold and it went into full blown bronchitis and then ammonia......he woke up 1:30 IN THE AM and asked me to take him to the hospital cause he could not breath....he is doing fine, but will be out of commision for awhile......maybe he needs a spa day............thanks for the pansy shot, I love them all year round and hydrengas are one of my 10 TOP favs. also........I have around 30 and tell myself no more.............but new ones come out all the time..........take care...XO MARY

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Carole,
So lovely to see you back in blog land. We have missed you. I have been away for a while, as I had Gremlin's in my computer !! All's well now though.
I'm so sorry to hear of George's accident. That must have been horrible for him (and you) and very scary. I'm so pleased that it wasn't too awful. I have a feeling that a spa day might not be top of George's list !! Perhaps I'm wrong but, he doesn't look like a 'spa day man' to me !!
Your photographs are beautiful, Carole. The early Spring flowers are all finished now, aren't they ? The wisteria is out everywhere now over here. It is looking superb this year. Such a shame that it is short lived. But, that is the way of plant's and Mother Nature, and there is always something else just as beautiful to bloom in it's place.
Try not to work too hard and wish George better from Jackie in the U.K. Will email very soon. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry George was hurt. Hope he is feeling better soon.
The pic of the twins is so fun. I'm a twin too, and there are pics of my brother giving me a 'are you kidding me?' look as I'm being silly and goofing off. Ha-ha.
Love the flower pics too, Carole. I'm stilllll waiting for the first flower to bloom here!

Take real good care of George & you!
Zuzu said...

Hi Carole, I hope George gets back on his feet soon. At least you were able to take him to the hospital. My husband cut his leg open with a chain saw and sent me out for bandaids...He's crazy. Your photos are gorgeous! Glad you found some time to blog. I can only imagine how busy you are.
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Rosemary said...

Beautiful flowers, very cute twins!!!
Glad your husband is OK. He does need a spa day!
You want to know what we have been up to. Well,
flea markets, making things, and my new chair slipcover made from a drop cloth. That's what you missed.
By the way those pansies were amazing no wonder they are gone. Hydrangeas are on the top of my flower list!!

Draffin Bears said...

Welcome back Carole and it is lovely to hear from you and see all your gorgeous photos.
Love all your pretty flowers, especially the pansies and hydrangeas, and the sweet little twins.
Sorry to hear about Georges injury and what a fright, it must have been for you both.
Would be lovely for you both to have a spa day out, you deserve it after all your work.

Take care

The French Bear said...

Carole, I am so glad that your hubby is alright, how scary!
I am sure you are so I wish I could come and help out....I do miss working with flowers but it's probably good, I don't have a green thumb......not even a bit.
Sweet pansies, so happy!!!
Margaret B

trash talk said...

Oh mylanta...what some men will do to get out of a little work! Just kidding...I'm only trying to lighten up what must have been a terrifying experience. So glad George is mending. You were so wise to act quickly and not stop and think...just react.
I can see why you've been MIA (btw so have I). Those two girlies are reason enough.
Love the vibrant color of those hydrangeas. I wonder if I'll be able to find those here in Dallas?
Great to "see" you!

Simple Home said...

All of the flowers look so pretty and the twins are adorable. My twins have always looked alike, but they still act very differently. It is fun to see them interact, isn't it? I'm glad George is recovering. I'm sure that was scary.

Rostrose said...

WOnderful spring-reminiscence-pictures!
And your twin-babies are sooo nice and look so sweet and funny! Lovely babies!
Oh what a scary story about injured husband! I'm very glad he is okay now!
Lots of hugs to you! Traude

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh poor George!!! Your photos are as lovely as always...those two are soooooooo cute,I love their names,nice names to grow into! All the best my dear friend,x0x0x0

Poppy said...

Lovely too see you back! Give George a big kiss from me. And as for the twins....they look adorable.
I know what you mean about being busy at work; I am sooooooooooo busy at the moment.

Take care love Lou xxx

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

HI Carole ~ Welcome back - Poor George, I hope he is healing well. Yardwork can be very hazardous. Lovely photos as usual. What a shade on those hydrangeas, gorgeous ~ is it finally Summer in CT??????

Renée Finberg said...

i have been up to 'no good'
...i mean you did ask. right?

but i must say that i have needed a post like this one all week.
your images are divine and make me feel happy.
i now, can run off and 'do good' again.

A New England Life said...

Hi Carole,

Are you a little busy? lol! I can only imagine! What a beautiful spring we're having. Hopefully it's helped keep the business going strong.

Beautiful plant photos, and the babies are adorable! They sure do grow fast though. Too fast!

Your husband must be healing up by now. He's lucky he didn't end up with a broken leg!

Take care,

Elaine said...

Oh your poor husband! I hope he is feeling much better. What a nasty injury! And you're right, it could have been much worse.

I feel the same way as you do. I almost never post anything unpleasant on my blog. I try to stick with beauty and humor. My sister says when she reads my blog she thinks I have a wonderful life. I told her why would anyone want to hear about my problems? They have their own to worry about. I think of blogging as an escape!

You have a lovely blog, will check prior posts.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I don't know how I missed this post Carole...
I miss you! I'm so glad that George is on the mend...I know how hard you have had to work these last weeks...(always, really). Those twins are adorable...a bit partial to the nickname Flea...although you know my great aunts..Nani, Fifi and Fifi is too cute as well! Glad there is a little sunshine to make you smile.
Chat soon, Laura

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello Carole,
what a fright! I'm glad that your hubby wasn't injured worse... the twins care sooo cute and the nickname are so charming... Hope you will have a good time
Warm greetings, Bine

MJ Ornaments said...

I'm glad to hear that George is alright, what a scare. I've been going through struggles too lately, and sometimes question whether or not to post them on a blog. But I've received a lot of strength from the sweet comments and it definitely helps. Take care Carole, and have a great weekend,

Kathleen said...

O goodness, I am just reading awful..My best wishes for a speedy recovery..what a close call!