Friday, July 13, 2012

Lesson learned

Just a friendly reminder to always read your labels!!!
especially when it comes to chemicals. 

Never just take the word of the minimum wage teenager( just assuming) working
at the box store or garden center. 

Has this ever happened to you?


Tanya said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - poor guy! I hate the labels on the fertilizer bags, especially. I am always trying to seek out the spot where it says to water in, or don't water in - and it's always in teeny, tiny print that I can't read, somewhere way down into the ingredients list, or something!

Happy Summer, Carole - XOXO

Sandi said...

My husband was just telling me a few weeks ago that he drives past a home on his way to work that the same thing happened. He said the whole yard was dead and one green weed sticking up. That was before we were in a drought. That would be so awful!!

oldgreymare said...

OMG!!! How awful....When if ever will he be able to re-sod or re-seed ?

trash talk said...

I actually am scared of chemicals and avoid them. Scary stuff.

Danielle said...

no chemicals needed to get my lawn to look just like his... it's called no rain in far too long! Yesterday Max, Hannah and I were cleaning up the yard, picking up fallen branches, dried up leaves and such when Max said it best, "Isn't this so sad mom, the grass is all dead" yup, it's sad all right. We are hoping for some isolated thunderstorms tomorrow and Sunday, maybe we can see a bit of green soon! I hope all is well, happy weekend! t.xoxoxo

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hello dear Carole,
long to no see! I'm just back from a major blogging break. Hope all is well and you did not kill any of your beautiful plants with chemicals. Oh the poor lawn. My lawn hardly deserves to be called so because it is full of wild herbs lol cause it never get's more than the lawn mower every now and then but at least it's green.
Until today I'm proud to say that my garden is chemical free apart from the use of Ferramol against these nasty naked slugs or do you call them snails? Well otherwise they'd eat up all my beloved flowers if I would'nt try to keep them at bay.
Here's wishing you some more time to relax and play and happy Summer days!
Carola xoxo~

Sueann said...

Oh awful!!! Good advice for sure

June said...

Well thankfully I haven't done this...yet : ) But as I age, who knows what crazy and terrible things I might be caught doing. LOL!
This poor guy!

You wondered what zone I live in Carole. We are zoned 3/4 here in Carey, but for several winters we never dipped below -20 until last winter so I had gotten quite brave and planted some zone 5 things. It's funny because those aren't the plants I lost last year (except the lavender). I lost most of my delphinium and a few other things never came back.
But I know I will continue to push the zones here and continue to waste my money ; )
hugs from here...

Renée Finberg said...


i would so flip out of my mind!!!!

i think i need to keep my 'readers' close at hand and not in the car or at home.
xox said...

Awww that is so sad.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Unknown said...

I saw that! I thought we all knew.....never trust a teenager, PERIOD! They're all air heads. And I say that with great love since my grandson just turned 14 this Spring! Does that mean I'm old? Nah....

erin's art and gardens said...

holy cow! what an aweful mistake to make!! that is how our lawn looked 2 weeks ago before we finally got some rain (no kidding)! i am so over these extreme hot and humid days of makes gardening very difficult and takes all the fun out of it for me. i think i have lost two old dogwoods to the drought and
hope it is cooler up in your neck of the woods...
p.s. you and george really should head to the beach more often :0)