Sunday, July 5, 2009

B&W tour of the shore

Sometimes I don't always appreciate how lucky we are to live on the shoreline of Connecticut. Yesterday the 4th of July at around 6:00 we took a ride along the beach and Fenwick Borough. George was driving and that's unusual because I always drive. Maybe because that way if I want to stop I just stop or slow down but.... with a camera that's a little harder. So take into account that most of these pictures were taken while driving down the road. I got a lot of pictures of telephone poles!!!But a few good ones. I really like these scenes in b&w especially Fenwick. I'm not exactly sure of the date that community was established but it was the turn of the century I'm sure. It makes me think of the way it might have looked in pictures back then. Fenwick is where Katie Hepburn lived when she retired and it had been her families summer home before that. There's also a golf course here that the residence get to use but is open to the public. George loves to golf here early in the morning before work.

This is a garden planted by one of the resident of South Cove. It's all planted with lavender,liatris,grasses and various salt tolerant plants.

Believe it or not this is the view of the water from the old town dump. It's now cleaned up with a small green, stone walls and plantings all around ...even a couple of picnic tables. It was really beautiful up here perch up high you could get a great view of the cove.
What were they thinking when they decided to put the dump here??? but years ago this town was all farmland and except for Fenwick this land was not as desirable as the towns more north of here that had water power that could run factories. I guess this seemed as good a place as any to put a dump. Well ......some other time I'll give you the history of this town but for now I hope you enjoyed my B&W scenic parts of Old Saybrook.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

This little excursion sure made me realize how luck we are to live here and to appreciate everyday we have!!!!!

Until next time!!!!


Black and White Sunday hosted by Anne Marie of Na-Da farm Life


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Lovely images. To be able to drive past homes that have such style would be fabulous. I will have to enjoy them here! Julie

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Great shots...the B&W photos are awesome. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful drive about town...have a honey of a day,many sweet things come your way. Peace 2 U, Marlene

Anne Marie said...

just beautiful..........and yes, you are SO lucky to live that close to the sea.............

how wonderful!
and thanks for participating again!
have a great day~

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said... favorite is the one of the side of the porch,that chair looks so inviting! Hope your 4th was a good one,we were going to drive to the fireworks display in Niagara Falls,but went to the beach instead.Away next week for a couple of days,talk soon,Chrissy

Christelle said...

C'est ce que , nous , français , on appelle le rève américain ! On regarde les soaps on the TV et on rève ! Ces photos font justement rèver , exactement pareil !!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Carole,
You sure live in a pretty place!
You are lucky!
Thanks for the tour.
Have a great day!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thanks for the tour Carole! You DO live in a beautiful area...and I love the black and white photos!
Take care, Laura

Poppy said...

You lucky thing, it looks so beautiful, fab pictures!

Love Lou xxx