Friday, July 3, 2009

First Bouquet

Last night we were moving inventory (plants that is) around, straightening up, consolidating...the unglamorous part of the job. Well now that I think about it??? it's never really glamorous. My hands could use a nice manicure. I did go once to have my nails done after receiving a gift certificate but the chemicals just got to me. Those poor nail tech' do they stand being in that environment all day? Can't be good.
I we were cleaning up I noticed the coreopsis had gotten so long and stretched out that it was now lying down completely. It was in full bloom and gorgeous, but it was a mess. This is a greenhouse I don't go into everyday and hadn't noticed it getting so over grown. My husband has a tendency to not notice things like I do. I guess it's just me. I'm forever cutting things back and I'm lost without my scissors or a bucket to throw things out in. Instead of just throwing them out like I normal do I thought I'd take them an experiment just to see how long they'd hold up.

The pink is Coreopsis "Heaven's Gate" pretty name don't you agree? and the tag says zone 5-9
the white is called Coreopsis Limbo (not such a pretty name) zone 9-10.
I'm a little sceptical that Heaven's Gate (pink one) is hardy in our zone 6. The same grower was growing them one fall to sell the next spring as a perennial but they never sold then do to a crop failure( as they like to call it). Might just be the tag was from back before they realized they weren't hardy. They are now selling them as "Temperennials" a fancy name for annuals....but no deception on their part this time.

I like the way their stems are a little bit crooked and the airiness of the leaves. Their in the same family as Moonbeam, Golden Gain, and Zagreb all under verticulata's or fern leaf variety. Am I giving you too much info????? Don't want to sound like a flower geek!!!
This is my first bouquet of the season and I often don't bring any home until later when I can be there to enjoy them more. I love flower arrangements that look like you just threw it together.
Casual just like our lifestyle.....

Have a beautiful and peaceful day!!!!
Oh one more thing! I have a survey on my sidebar but the question is not showing up. Not sure what went wrong. The question is do you like music playing on a blog? I love listening to the music but I find it interferes with other blogs that play music too. It may also make the downloading slower. Let me know what you think.
Thanks for taking the time to vote.


Bonjade said...

What a beautiful pictures you made from this beautiful bunch of flowers....they are so pretty. I love the pink ones.......
Nice weekend and enjoy the flowers

Diana Cohen said...

The flowers are so lovely.

I'm not sure about the music thing. I've been debating this myself. It will be interesting to see the response.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The coreopsis are beautiful so dainty and delicate as if bowing their heads to all that pass.
And Nigella blends perfectly with all that beautiful ribbon.
I find that the writing and photos on a blog are enough to capture the visitor sometimes the music can be an added distraction.
Enjoy your 4th of July.