Sunday, December 20, 2009

My first Vintage Christmas Monday

Last Friday night we had the privilage to go to our friends Ginny and Joe house for a small intimate Christmas party. We always show up late but we never miss it. After a long day at work it's wonderful to be amongst friends and just relax and enjoy the beautiful decorations that befit the style of their early American colonial. You may remember me showing you their home during Halloween. I couldn't wait to come back and show you the house at Christmas time.
This time I'm only going to stick to the vintage ornaments that were on the tree. I've been wanting to participate in Joan's Monday Vintage Christmas since she started doing it but since I've barely decorated our house this month I haven't been able to. Better late then never I say!!!

Ginny's been collecting vintage ornaments since her and Joe were married. Receiving them as gifts mostly from her family.

I have so many favorites but this spun cotton ornament with tinsel I find so charming and simple.

One of my favorite things to do is to look at every ornament on her tree and imagine where they once resided and how they are still fragile and precious. Behind the butterfly ornament is a picture of her grandson Dakota and though not a priceless antique like the others I'm sure her favorite one of the whole tree and would never part with it for all the money in the world. .

Hope you've enjoyed the tour of my friend Ginny's tree maybe someday soon I maybe able to show you mine.

As you may know the East coast got a huge snow storm today. We got 2 ft!!! of the white stuff.  Not an easy thing 5 days before Christmas. Hope you all have your shopping done!!!
Before you get back out there I hope you go visit Joan at Anything Goes'll be glad you did!!


Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Carole!
Loved Ginny's tree ... and I ALWAYS LOVE your blog!! I am not participating in this vintage Christmas Monday ... out of town with family ... but hope to get a chance to read past posts that I have missed in the last couple of weeks.
Hope the snow doesn't foul up your plans ...
Hugs and Happy Holidays!
Betty :)
ps ... a special "thank you" for your encouragement to a newbie poster ... can you believe I'm at 100!! *whew* I don't remember if you have been by this weekend, but I have a giveaway going ... HUGS! B :)

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your friend has collected quite some extraordinary vintage ornaments! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures, Carole! Yes, we heard about the snow storm on the East coast. Stay save and warm!

I wish you and your loved ones a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy the Holidays!

Hugs and love,

Simple Home said...

These ornaments are beautiful, your friend has a wonderful collection. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh my oh my oh my what a beautiful Victorian era looking living room and tree your friends have and I love all their pretty vintage ornaments, thank you for sharing them with us!
I see that you are a lover of white and vintage black and of the Jeanne d'Arc Living mag and style too :)
I'll put your blog in my reader to not miss your beautiful posts anymore.
Sending you happy Vintage Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

The French Bear said...

Gorgeous tree! Lovely ornaments! I can't wait to see your tree.....
Margaret B

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey, my...your friend Ginny has a wonderful collection of vintage ornaments. I was especially drawn to the one that seems to be a cotton nest with eggs!

And...Yes, I did laugh when I read about the white wreath! When I come across a pic on a blog, I save them, but I had forgotten that it was from Laura's blog. I just loved have great taste my friend!

Hope you are fairing well with your weather conditions. It's finally cold here in Florida (40 degrees)! Sure makes it feel more like Christmas.

Have a wonderful week...I'm sure you'll be very busy at your shop.


kjkljk;ljljgjgfuyhd said...

Hi Carole!
Your friend Ginny's Christmas tree is beautiful.
Her ornament collection is amazing!
Thanks for sharing so many neat photos :+)
We only had a couple of inches of snow, but
heard about all the snow you easterners got.
Stay warm and safe!

anythinggoeshere said...

Ginny has an amazing collection of Vintage Ornaments and your photos are lovely showing them off beautifully. I see some of my favorites~ spun cotton!

I am happy that you had the opportunity to participate this week.

Now you can recuperate from the holiday retail season with some much deserved rest.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and a VERY Happy New Year. xo Joan, your hostess

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Carole, I love Ginny and Joe's home. I remember it from when you showed us before. I really love the sofa. Do you think that they would like to ship it over to me ? No, I guess not !!
Her vintage ornaments are so lovely.....that little nest with the eggs in it is so sweet.
Gorgeous photos, as usual, Carole. I am looking forward to seeing your tree. XXXX

June said...

Hi Carole,
Ginny has so many different and unique vintage ornaments. Many I've never seen the likes of. So lovely.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Brenda said...

How very pretty they all are. I could not even pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Ginny had some beautiful vintage ornaments. I bet she loves taking them out each year. You did a wonderful job with the photography. Your photos really captured the beauty of the ornaments.

Renée Finberg said...

thank you for this.
i usually put up a Hanukkah bush, but not this year.
we have a million ornaments that we (my daughter & i) have collected together for years.
i think i may have to run out and get a tree 'last minute.'
i will be viewing this post several times if i do not.
love to you!! merry Christmas

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh Carole
What a magnificent room!! Just incredible and so perfect! And your photos of the beautiful vintage ornaments are truly special too! I could get lost in this post for hours. It has so much of the warmth of Christmas!! Hope the snow is not too much trouble although I still think it would be quite special!

I wanted to participate in Joan's Vintage Christmas posts but still have not put up a tree, nor can I find my xmas ornaments.. so i may have missed the boat on that one. Although I did just receive a vintage present from France... wonder if that count? hahaha

Have fun over there!! xxx Julie

jen said...

what beautiful vintage ornaments!

Crinoline said...

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year,Carlole.

anythinggoeshere said...

Carole, I just wanted you to know that I featured you in this week's favorites post from Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan