Sunday, February 27, 2011

The New Phonebook’s HERE

                                                          The new Phonebooks here, the new phonebooks here!!!!
       No, not really
            Ok it’s a line from the movie
       “ The JERK”
                 remember how excited Steve Martin was when the phone book arrived???
              I think he originated the Happy dance!!!
          or was that the Egyptian mummy dance???
         I think of that scene every time I get
     excited myself when a big parcel comes to my door.
         The difference with me and Steve is that I’m not actually
         in this book.
            But that’s ok.

                      You may be surprised but there is actually a little color in this issue.
                         A few well chosen pastels to brighten and invigorate our
                        homes for Spring.
                             I want to thank all the people that preorder the magazine.
                                I just shipped them out and some have arrived already.

                                      What is so versatile about a neutral color palette is how easy it is to change the look.
                           A few colorful pillows, some vintage plates with delicate florals and
                                 a bouquet of field flowers.
                                  All of a sudden you have a whole new room.

                You might even pull out something from your closet to hang from a door.

                   I know I always need to have my angel wings in easy reach.
                   Don’t you???
bird copy
               Last month we had fun rearranging the Living Room.
                Nothing too special but just a few things moved around.
             Unfortunately most of the pictures had something Christmas in it…..
so I couldn’t show you that.


                  The light in the living room is so wonderful and we spent as much time in there as we could.
             Well then came the painting project in the family room.
                   As much as I thought we could keep things out of there some of the over flow went in my
    new clean room.
      What was only going to be a painting job turned into more.
        George decided to add more trim to the baseboard.
     Trim that we were suppose to put in 20yrs ago. Didn’t seem that important
after a couple of years went by…..and even less as time went on.
                     You know how that goes … just find more pressing things to work on.
    Oh yes the list is long and keeps growing.
            I really wanted to add molding to the ceiling but the angles are so strange
           that it makes it impossible. Not impossible, but more difficult then we’re willing to tackle.


       We did manage to clear off some room at the breakfast table (that we hardly ever use for breakfast)
for our Valentines Day dinner.
We had a lovely meal of baked flounder and shrimp.
Turns out I  didn’t devein the shrimp  the
correct way. I thought you just removed it from the inside.
Guess who ate them all!!!!!
What’s a little poo when the whole ocean is …..well you know.

Now you probably think I’m gross.


I know I’m being silly and all this is just
FLUFF!!!! after all.
The icing on the cake of life so to speak. I never write about really important subjects.
Politics, religion, news, etc. etc.
though I often want to.
BUT ….. 

I’d be a bad citizen of the world if I didn’t take the time to mention
the people of North Africa and the uprising in these nations.
They have shown such courage  in the face of such brutal dictatorship.
I pray that they get the Democracy that they so long for and deserve.
We in all the free nations should never take for granted what we have
and what others before us have fought and worked so hard for.

I Hope That You Treat Each Day as a GIFT!

24 comments: said...

I remember the happy dance!Don still dances like that. That is why we don't go out dancing:)lol Love your photos. Did you go to the flower show? I looked for a booth of yours. All that trim going up in your home sound very interesting. I'll bet it is gorgeous! Have a fabulous week:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

oldgreymare said...

Ok here comes the schmaltz. Every time you and I talk or email or share the big stuff, or the little stuff, well, it is a gift to me and yes I believe your angle wings should be kept nearby, you wear them often enough......misty eyed here....Oh the gentle rainfall music just started..NICE

Now, your home pics are delightful and very pretty but you are such a tease! I want more more

Happy Sunday Eve. Any night with James Franco can't be bad.


Renée Finberg said...

these are surprisingly simple angel wings that you wear. i am surprised.
i expected lotz of white and pink feathers.

hurray for the revolutions!!
things in this world have got to change.
it seems we are on 'tilt' as it is now.

i am happy you had a lovely visit.
ps the new header is BEEEEutiful xx

the old white house said...

From the fluff (which you know is more important than you imagine) to the note of the strength of the people and the reminder of how fortunate and blessed we are, I loved it all. The new book looks beautiful, really full of inspiration as always! But what caught my attention immediately was your new header... gorgeous! xoxo

Karen said...

I love this post Carole. I agree with you,we should never take what we have for granted. I'll be ordering my copy of Jeanne D' Arc this week.Love the new header and beautiful pics. We need the fluff to keep our sanity the world can get a little overwhelming.

erin's art and gardens said...

i just love your funny side AND your serious side!! oh...... and i'm lovin the new more gardeny look of your blog too!!

we have hellebores, daffodils and winter jasmine blooming here after a warm weekend......woop woop!! spring is just around the corner.

have a great week,


p.s. LOVE the "Jerk"!! "that's all i need." is a line i use a lot. ha ha

EFT Therapy said...

I could definitely sense that Spring is here!

Anxiety Cause said...

This is such a wonderful post! I love your idea of contrasts and making your room looks bright and lovely!

It's me said...

Love the new issue from the spring !! happy new week love Ria....

Sueann said...

I love your pictures and your music!! Always such a treat to visit. A feast for the all the senses for sure!!
And the door with the dress! So cool!!
Hugging you

Dorthe said...

Dear Carole, a beautifull, funny and seriusly post.--I love the new J.D.magazine -bought it last friday, and think the little bit more color inside is beautifull.
And I am very happy -like you-for the people now having a chance to have democracy-lets hope it will all in all ,be not too far away!
Hugs from Dorthe

Dorthe said...

Oh forgot to say I totally love your new header-with all it`s promise of spring- so lovely-

MJ Ornaments said...

I love the J.D. magazine I bought from you, and you wrapped it so beautifully. Have a great day Carole. Take care, Martha

Passionate for White said...

LOVE that movie and LOVE that you shared pics from the mag even more!

Diana Cohen said...

OMG I loved that movie!! I shoul rent it again. Steve is too funny. Congrats on the mag!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

First I want to say I LOVE your new header! Hurry up Spring!

I am thankful for each day and feel lucky to enjoy each one!

Thanks for the JDL peeks...I am off to treat myself!

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with a little fluff, my dear! Sometimes it's the little bit of fluff that makes the more serious matters in life bearable. Loving your pics. as usual, and it sounds like you've been busy little bees in your neck of the woods.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I love the fluff, funny and serious side to your post today. Your photographs are really beautiful and adore your dreamy new header.
thanks for the reminder that every day is a gift.

Happy week

Anonymous said...

I'm all for change and freedom. I love your angel wings and new header.

traci said...

i love that there is a little color infused in the magazine for spring. i like color.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I too love that there is some color added, for us "white-challenged" gals! Your photos are luscious!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your new header was striking me immediately, Carole! It's beautiful!
Even though I have been loving the neutral colors a lot lately, I still like to have a little bit color here and there. I think in the long run it might get too monotone otherwise. It's nice to see that JDL added some blurs of color to their magazine.
Please show us your rearranged living room!!!
We can indeed be happy that we live were we live and shouldn't take it for granted.
On Saturday I made the lentil burgers. We both enjoyed them very much. I had left out the leek but had added the parmesan cheese, like recommended from your hubby. They were really tasty. My greetings to the cook :-)!
Have a lovely afternoon, dear friend!
Hugs to you,

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are beautiful.I like that it has some color.

from me to thee......... said...

where did you get that lovely little Valentine's tree, I love it !!!