Sunday, February 20, 2011

NEW YORK and the show

      (This was a post I started 2 weeks ago….boy time can fly by.
     But I didn’t want to not ever post it……so here it finally is.
       Although many of you have been anxiously waiting for Spring
      to arrive…….for us preparations for it have been underway
       for months…..and now crunch time is here we’ve been
very busy.
Hence why I’ve been slow in posting.
Hope  you forgive me.)

                                           The couple of days at the NY Gift Show were cold and gray.
                                             That was not a problem as we were going to be indoor most of the time anyways.
                                      We were tired of waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive so we decided to
                            hoof it the 3 blocks.
                             Man that was rough but we survived.
                   We tried getting a taxi but no luck!
                                                              the street

                                                 It was a good thing that we started off the day with a good breakfast. The Tick Tock diner was right next
                                            to the hotel we stayed at. George knew he wanted to go there the minute he spied it the night before.
                                  We were running late that morning and normally I would have advised not to but I knew
                         he really wanted to go and plus the place was cute.
                                   I kept it simple…..2 eggs over easy, home fries and toast……rye toast
                                    but she must not have heard me and thought I said dry toast……but no matter.
                                Like I said we were running late!
                                     plus I just stole the extra butter George had from his pancakes….
                                 and yes he can eat pancakes everyday and still lose weight.
                        Not fair!
                          I keep thinking one of these days it will catch up to him.
                                                   This diner  is very much a throw back to the 50’s in it’s décor and menu.
                               The hand painted wall murals where so colorful and reminiscent of the era.
                                      I never noticed until now the route 66 sign on the wall.
                                                 My parents when they came to America in 1965  were mislead into thinking that they
                                 could drive cross country from New York to California just driving on Rt 66.
                                   They soon learned that they couldn’t.
                                         In the 50’s and 60’s they were making great changes in the road systems so that may
                                 have been the reason for the confusion.
                                           Whatever road we traveled on we eventually got there……
                                         to California that is…….
                                                  but by the end of the year we were back in New England……and eventually landed in Connecticut.
                       and here I still am.
                     (but I digress!!!!!!)

                                              I have to tell you that I ended up taken a fraction of the pictures I took last year. We weren’t
                                         sure that we would get all 3 days here at the gift show because of the ice storm that they predicted
                                                so we were trying to cram 3 days into 2 .
                                                After I was done with the order I would pass the rep off to Hubby so he could
                                             give them all the info they needed to finish the order and printed it.
                                                 Supposedly they were impressed with our efficiency:)haha
                                                          I was so worried about getting to the next stop I didn’t even think about taking pictures. 
                                               which is so not like me!

                                                                                vintage christmas
                                                 This was the first booth I headed to.  Last year  it was so busy I waited a long time to place my order that I  knew I had to be the first one in.
                                                      I planned it right because the place filled up so fast after only 10 minutes.

                                                                            gold fish
                                               Silly but cute…..
                                                  and no I didn’t order it because it really isn’t pink……it was ORANGE
                                      like all goldfish are. Makes sense but not for Christmas.


                                                One of my last stops was a showroom filled with Christmas decorations.
                                                       For my own benefit I took photos of the things I ordered so that
                                                I could have a visual record of what would be coming in July.
                                                     None of these I planned on showing to you guys since they were just quick shots so I collaged it so it would look more impressive.


                                           Now once relaxed at dinner I did take some photos. We met up with
                                         Brooke and her daughter Calista who are exhibitors at the gift show.
                                         Their company is called Hanah Silk and they make the most beautiful  hand dyed silk and satin ribbon.
                                      They have a gazillion different colors it makes it hard to not want all each one.
                                     One of these days I’ll have to sell it online.

                                I’ll share with you what we ordered for dinner.
                                  At Brookes suggestion we went to this Italian restaurant on 9th ave.
                                        They had been there a few times before and had always enjoyed it.
                      That sounded good to us because we had made no plans.
                                    We had been wanting to get together for dinner for 3 years now and we were finally going.
                                 We had such a great time talking about the show, the vendors and the how gift shops are doing these days
                       in this economy. But mostly we talked about plants since Brooke has a great love of
                                     gardening. She used to grow tons of lavender and used to sell it wholesale.
                               Living it Eureka California they are so lucky to have cool Summers and in the Winter months the tempertures
                   rarely ever drop below freezing!
                      Ok,  why am I living in New England????
     oh yeah I love it here……haha

                                           The Restaurant we ate at is called Il Punto Ristorante on 9th and corner of 38th.
                         Incredible food , service and atmosphere……..and the prices were wonderful.
                                          3 of us had the pre-prix for $35 which included, app. entrée, dessert and glass of wine.
                              Great deal for NYC I thought.
                                                        lamb chop
                                Brooke had a big honking piece of veal chop.
                    not my thing but you have to agree it looked darn good…..even for a veggie like me.
              the rest of us had the sea bass.
                               We eventually came to the dessert part of the meal and we all agreed on the tiramisu
                                                            cake straight on
                                    Which was hands down the best I've ever had and everyone agreed.
                                       I got a little carried away in photographing it.
                                                             close up

                                   two                really close


more cake

still more cake
It’s a good thing I was so stuffed or I might have ordered another.
I can’t wait to go back to that restaurant …..

hum….which reminds me I do have to go back to the city for one more day before
Spring arrives:)


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

It looks as if it was successful on all accounts! Your dessert looks scrumptious!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

ooooo Love that first booth photo - looks so beautiful I can see why they get busy. I love New York and your photos are wonderful like always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. One great thing about all the walking you do when you go to the city is all the eating you can do to balance things out. :)

oldgreymare said...

I'm loving that first photo too and now I wonder why you didn't do the photo challenge Friday cause your food shots are terrific. : D

Sueann said...

Oh my! What wonderful photos!! Loved the items that you have purchased/ordered! The mother and child statue is gorgeous...and those fuzzy birds are wonderful.
The food shots are amazing. I am not a fan of lamb either...but that sure looked good. And the Tiramisu!!! Yummy!!
Glad you had fun!! Thanks for sharing!!

the old white house said...

Good Morning Carole! That looks like a great trip! I love NYC and all of the great places to explore there. Your first photo looks like art that needs to be framed! I'm glad the show was such a success for you, I bet it's fun opening all of the shipments in July! Like Christmas! Have a great week! Theresa xoxo

Bleudelavande said...

It's all so beautiful!!!! I'm dreaming to go to New York, it must be wonderful!!!!!
Unfortunately I have a lot of problems with the plane!!!!
Have a nice week. said...

DELICIOUS, everything, the show, the food and the dessert:) Hope you are enjoying the snow AGAIN!!!! Will it ever end:( I need to see a blade of grass.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Jill said...

I am counting my blessings so I'm not envious of your buying trip to NY and the tiramisu! It's too bad you had to rush and couldn't just soak it all in!

Matrix Reimprinting said...
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Anxiety Self Help said...
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Renée Finberg said...

i wish i were there!!!
and the food shots....

ps i love the first few images in this post

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I do love it when you take us to New York and around the Gift show and seeing all the wonderful goodies, thank you.
Your photographs are fabulous and my mouth is watering over the tiramisu.

Have a great week

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Carole, actually I'm glad that you didn't take too many pictures of the show this time. That saves me from drooling all over the keyboard again like last year, LOL. I still saw some drool-worthy things. NO, not the orange colored gold fish, ha, ha, ha. I love those trees shown in the collage and I better don't allow myself to look at them again - in favor of the keyboard ;-).
The food looks delicious which obviously makes the cat hungry. No wait, the fluffy guy is always hungry, unless he sleeps :-). I agree to give him breakfast though now.
Hugs to you,

Simple Home said...

I really enjoyed "going along" with you on your trip to New York. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and sneak peeks. That fish looks yummy!

Unknown said...

Fabulous food. Fabulous finds. I would love to hear your thoughts as far as what trends you saw at this show. I haven't been to market in several years, but I really think I'm beginning to have serious withdrawal symptoms!

The French Bear said...

I would be over the moon, I see these beautiful photos of New York and I wish I could be there....oh how fabulous!!!! So glad you do this and then take the time, especially during this your busy time to share them with us!!!! I can't wait to see more, when you aren't too busy!!!!
Glad you had a successful trip and I do look forward to the next big Season when we get to see more!!!! (No one wants to say the "C" season just yet)
Margaret B

Karen said...

I would have been like a kid in a candy store...way too much eye candy for my brain to process LOL. The food looks delicious yummy!

Passionate for White said...

I've never been to NYC to I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour!

time worn interiors said...

One day I will visit NYC and taste some of the wonderful foods it has to offer! Great photos!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

HI Carole ~ Oh my GOD! I am starving for lunch right now and those photos are amazing ~ drooling over the desserts. The Holiday decor is too gorgoeus, how can you choose? Im glad you all had fun in the City. Ive often thought about going in for the Show but I get lazy. Maybe next year:)

Rosemary said...

Felt like I was right there with you.
Great photos!!
Happy weekend,

Poppy said...

Hello Carole,

fantastic pictures as always! I've never been but would love to go...thanks for taking me along with you.

Lou xxx

Rebecca said...

You made this look so fun and easy and I know it ISN'T...
New York show is sooo large and sooo much walking. I do not miss this part at all :)
The food looked great though.
So nice to hear you are busy and getting ready for spring, because I can only hold onto the hope of spring... here it just keeps snowing and it is sooooo graaaaaaaaaaay!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend
Blessings my friend

MJ Ornaments said...

Looks so fun Carole, and now I'm hungry! Have a great weekend! Martha

June said...

Even though you were cramming, it still looks like it was a great show and buying trip Carole.
Your pictures are better than being there I think. I tend to get visually over-stimulated at things like this and find it hard to focus, so I end up not seeing most of what's offered.
I can't wait to see what you did buy next Christmas when you get it all set up in the shop.

Heaven's Walk said...

What a fun trip, Carole!! I've never been to NYC and it looks like such an interesting place full of interesting people! I'm eyeing those little flocked christmas trees in your collage. So sweet! I hope that we'll be able to buy them from you come December!!!! :) Oh...and the tiramisu? One can NEVER have to much of! It's sooooo good!

xoxo laurie

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Sounds like a fun trip... I absolutely love your photos, especially the first picture! Thanks so much for the tour!!!
Blessings~~ Daphne

Kathleen said...

That is a great deal for NYC! I have to write the name down. I don't drink, I wonder if they would sub a soda for the wine. LOL, bet they won't!
My dh is the same, never gains weight, eats what he wants! :(