Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paula's garden

There's something so beautiful about the Winter garden just as it's about to burst into Spring. Sometimes there's very little evidence from afar that Spring is coming except the angle of the sun and the smell and feeling in the air.

.....the anticipation of what is to come..... That was what I felt as I walked into Paula's garden.

I had been in her garden many times before when the trees were full and casting shade ....and though there is always plenty of light I was taken by how bright and open it was. The beauty of the bear branches against the chipped weather painted wood and rusted metal.

I know it will be beautiful when the green comes but I still love the neutral palette just as much and the calm feeling it gives.....much like an old b/w photograph.

A gracious white picket gate welcomes you as you approach the front door

Hens and Chicks nestled in the crevice of a large outcropping in the lawn

This is the architectural piece Paula named "Sputnik" because it resembles part of crashed spaceship. I remember her telling me about it a few years ago. She had spotted it in Vermont or New Hampshire and waited for a dealer to sell it to her and when he finally did, had to drive 2 hrs in an old pickup truck to pick it up. But she knew exactly where she wanted to go. It's perfect for this sundial garden outlined with cobblestones.

An old chicken coop that was original on the property. For years it just housed old tool and garden supplies until she spruced it up. Now it's the Bird Nest Inn. Friends tease her about renting it by the night in the Summer. She always giggles and says "Well, there is a bed in there I suppose I could???".
We'll have to come back then so I can show you the charming interior.

OOPs! Yes that's me in the corner trying to take a picture all professional-like??? from overhead, but I just love this old table and chairs I had to show it.

Best view of the garden from a small powder room upstairs

Hens and Chickens again but in an old pot on a wall

Thank you Paula for a lovely time. It's always such a treat to come visit .....and I still have so much more to share with everyone. Can't wait to show the wonderful interior of your house in an upcoming post. Laura and I feel soooo lucky to call you our friend...XXXOOO


Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous piece of land! I bet you had a great time strolling the grounds. I love all the old table and chair sets.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Carole, I have sooo many pictures of Paula's home and gardens but NONE like the winter....where the bones of the outdoor garden rooms are so visible....the contrast of the blue sky and nature's winter neutrals is dramatic. Beautifully photographed! You're right....we are lucky to be friends with our creative Paula....her handiwork makes for inspiring subject matter! Be well, Laura

Rosemary said...

Wow Carole,
What a great place.
If you ever come to California, I will take you to some of the flea markets. They are pretty great!
I did see Rachel at a couple of them. I miss that show too!
Have a great week,

les fifoles said...

The house is beautiful and your photos...magical. A bientôt. Anne

manon 21 said...

trop joli!!
bird nest inn j'adore
et la musique parfaite.....

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a lovely place! I love the choice paint colour for the house.I look for forward to seeing the interior!
Isabelle x

Bleudelavande said...

Really beautiful garden and house! You're right when you say can't wait to show the interior of the house, can't wait me too!!!...
everytime you choose a wonderful music: I love it very much and I don't wont to leave!!!I shall stay here! Have a nice day.

Christelle said...

I love this house : so original and so beautiful also ! I put your blog on my page ...j'ai mis votre lien sur mon blog ; j'espère que cela ne vous dérange pas !