Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tweety love

It's no secret that I love birds, nests and eggs. I seem to have them all over the house. There's something so precious about them. The small delicate home that a mother bird makes for her young. I take such pleasure watching them make their nests one little piece at a time. Actually birds are something my husband and I both love. He amazes me by knowing most of the names of them. I just know the common ones like robins, bluebirds, finches and mourning doves. We've had mourning doves on our deck the last few mornings. I wish I had taken pictures of them now. I'll have to remember next time. They say that they get attacked by cats a lot because they're always on the ground feeding and don't have the reaction time other birds do. I read once that they wanted to make people keep their cats inside and not let them out because the mourning dove population was dwindling. Kind of hard to do and what are you suppose to do with all the farrel cats out there? I just try to keep Nigella inside when I know they're out there. Though most times she barely notices them. Since we keep her well fed she probably thinks ~ why bother... This is a nest I bought at Ginny's store quite a few years back. The moss has gotten a little brown but I think I like it better.

Some postcards from Cavellini

Some marble eggs bought at an estate sale


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

lovely post.....totally understand your affinity for our fine feathered attraction began as a kid on the Grandpop raised pigeons in the barn and canarys in the their music too!

Stephanie said...

I love birds nests. Such pretty pictures! You may know the answer to this. I have an old nest at the top of a column on my front porch that is sheltered by the roof. Every year birds come back and nest here. Do I keep it up or do they like to build their own nests? Last year we didn't have any birds so I wonder if I should take the old nest down. I love to see the little birds growing and how protective the parents are.

Thanks for all the nice comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the comment. My husband has always told me that you should leave the nests because other birds use them sometimes just for the material to make their own from and sometimes they will just use it the way it was left. I'm not sure which birds do that though. I'll have to ask my husband. Like I mentioned he's the bird expect. I think it's so cool that he just knows that kind of thing...I guess growing up on a farm it just comes naturally.

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

A lovely springtime post! We have nesting boxes in the trees in our garden or 'folly' as we call it, with about a dozen feeders in the branches and on the ground. We have binoculars by the kitchen door and a bird book ready at hand!

Stephanie said...

Thanks. I'll leave it there and hope they come back this year. It's a work of art anyway and I'd like to keep it there.

SeaWorthy said...

Im with you on the birds (and nests) There is nothing I love better than to see the red red robins come bob bob bobbin along.
And they are back, for another summer of great worms in my yard!

Catherine said...

Just happened upon your beautiful blog! Lovely pics! I too love bird nest & eggs..& birds!:) Your collection is beautiful, very pretty collage too!
Enjoy your day!

Beth said...

hi carole !!! thanks so very much for your sweet comment on my blog !! would love to be a part of your BEAUTIFUL shop when your ready too! have a lovely week!!

sylvia said...

winderful picures..the mosaic is my favourite!! Birds are so sweet and so nice to listen to..