Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brimfield #2

Cape Cod Vintage Jewelry
Just so I wouldn't lose her card I took a picture of it. There is so much more then jewelry as you will see. All the next photos are from her booth except for the last 5. 

Like I said in the last post my day at Brimfield was not long enough. Most of these photos were taken by the end of the day. I had spent most of it in the Central Park, Hertan and then a little in J & J fields. You can view the fields HERE . I remembered late that I  always like to visit Sturtevant's, Crystal Brook and Shelton fields. So with a less then an hour left I did some hoofing. Ok along the way I bought a couple of things.....but remember I was still holding out that the patio furniture would still be there. I was lucky and it was still there when I was going back to my car... yeah! I had my big camera with me the whole time but never even took it out. I used my phone for all these photos......I never thought I'd say this but I love my iphone.  Are you getting the new iphone 5? 

I promise I will show you my goodies whenever I get time to photograph them. It's a gorgeous Fall day,  after yesterday being windy and then finally lots of rain .......I'm so happy the season is favorite so need to get me some while it lasts.

Have a great day!

22 comments: said...

WOW your Iphone did that! Carole you can use a child's camera and take great pictures. I love all of those fields too!!! Yes, we are getting the new iphone. The camera is supposed to be even better. Maybe then I can take some good pics:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Wow Carole!
Those are amazing! How did you leave that place without renting a truck to drag everything on home? Brimfield is such a treat for the senses ~ See you soon ~
Dee Xo

oldgreymare said...

uh..very depressed here...holy moly..I want I want.... and I'm not even buying anymore.... <3

Anne said...

Thank you again for those photos! What a fab show!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Carole,
I want and need everything in every photograph !!!! I love it all from the shabby door to the white china and clock faces.......I would spend so much money if I went to any of your fairs.
I also love my iphone but don't really need the new one just yet but our son and daughter will be getting one. People have been queuing outside the Apple shop since Monday !!
I am looking forward to seeing just what you bought and I know that I will want ALL of it !!!! haha. XXXX

It's me said...

Hello Carole looks great darling !!! love all your decorating wish i wish....

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. I can't wait until next May when we get to go. Looking forward to seeing your treasures.



Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

OMG Carole, So many gorgeous treasures. I would want to jump right into your pictures and snatch up so many things like the suitcases, the book press, one of the doll heads, some clock faces, the wire basket etc. I love the china with the fishes too and I'm curious to see what you brought home :-).
Happy Thursday!
Big hugs,

time worn interiors said...

You captured some fabulous things! I see several things I would have brought home with me! Thanks for sharing!

Olive said...

Love these images Carole. The dough bowl reminds me to get some cotton picking punkins for my dough bowl. Love those clock faces too. Joe is likely getting an iPhone 5 in the Spring and we might switch out so I can have it. I am rotten beyond belief. However our phone bill is very high these days. hugs my instagram buddy, olive

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I bet you picked up some wonderful things. Can't wait to see them. What yummy vignettes!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Wow! Fabulous booths! I'm so sad I didn't make it to Brimfield this year. Next year is a MUST! I recognized that booth of all tablecloths in your previous post. I got some great linens there before.
Thanks for sharing all this eye candy Carole!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Great pictures Carole...really wish I went!

Gaby Bee said...

Great stuff...if I didn't live on the other side of the planet, I'd hop right over! Nothing makes me more thrilled than a good find!

Greetings from Germany

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

OK...I definitely want an iphone..these are gorgeous photos Carole! I did not get to any of the fields you went to...missed a lot!!! Also missed seeing you. a lot.
Hope you are well. Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. Will not let another visit to CT go by without a visit with you.
Take care, L

Nella Miller said...

Dear Carole, funny, how I love what you love! It all looks great...Brimfield is as I said before, on my " to do list" ! Your pics look perfect with the iPhone....I love mine! I find I do the same...leave the big camera at home! I just have to figure out how to send them to my blog!! I am severely challenged! N.xo

Bohemian said...

A Fabulous Show... Thanks for taking us along Virtually... it's certainly one of those Venues that I have on my 'Bucket List' to attend one day!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Karen said...

Oh how I wish I could visit Brimfield. Thanks for sharing these I'm swooning.

the old white house said...

OH my gosh, I would be hyperventilating looking at all of this goodness from both posts! I honestly can't even pick a favorite, my head was saying, ohhhh, I want that, ohhhh, I want that, oh my gosh, look at that... I have a problem. can't help myself, I don't even want a support group!
Your phone took amazing photos! Ohhhh, I want ONE!
love, t.xoxooxox
p.s. I think it's hilarious that George reminded you of your fashion faux pas!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Carole - what fabulous photos you have taken and WOW! what an amazing place to while away the day! Oh Oh Oh1 So many gorgeous things to buy or oggle at like those clock faces, the jewellery, dolls etc. etc.
You are so lucky to have such a great place to visit and be inspired by.
Hope your week is going well for you.

Our weeping cherry is in full flower and spans about 4 mtres - quite a stunner - oh I love Spring here so very much. I shall have to post some of natures lace!

Sending big hugs,

Jamie said...

I dream of visiting Brimfield some day, for now I get to relieve it through posts like this.

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Carole-- I'm totally guilty of lusting!! I'd like the vintage suitcases and the wire egg basket please-- thank you very much!! The pictures are totally dreamy!!